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OK Newbies and Oldies, Pregnant bints and those with older kids.. get your backsides over here

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Twiglett Mon 26-Feb-07 13:22:05

seems like its all breaking apart at the moment

there's quite a lot of bad feeling

and its changing the way Mumsnet feels

so can you put the ire down and back away

thank you kindly

oh and follow the mumsnet guidelines please

1) No text speak - there's plenty space for real words

2) No bitching behind backs - to faces is fair enough

3) Try to be funny and intelligent in your bitching - plain old slagging off, shouting and swearing is not good enough

4) We're not a soft site - if you want moderated fluffiness try babyworld or any of the various other sites

5) Don't forget you are intelligent, interesting adults - make points, listen to other's points and try to allow your opinions to be made AFTER the discussion

6) The first rule of Fight Club - is there are no rules

kittypants Mon 26-Feb-07 13:26:33

i think i missed something.

lulumama Mon 26-Feb-07 13:27:25

nicely put , oh marmitey one x

charlieq Mon 26-Feb-07 13:29:26

Hmm. So who is to judge what is 'soft', and what is 'funny and intelligent'...

a panel of 'established' mners? God himself?

Jillyadoodledoo Mon 26-Feb-07 13:32:33

Where do I sign up to this pledge? And can I use u instead of you if I am bf while typing?

Twiglett Mon 26-Feb-07 13:33:52

"a panel of 'established' mners? God himself? "

sorry, I don't quite understand the difference .. could you explain?

charlieq Mon 26-Feb-07 13:34:22

not sure I know either Twiglett

boredwithwaitingforminiMOSSY Mon 26-Feb-07 13:36:12

Pregnant bints! Well now that really is insulting. I'm off to babyworld see ya later!

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 26-Feb-07 13:37:19

LOL Twiglett.

Although, isnt this how the narniagate thread a pun on Fight club???


MamaG Mon 26-Feb-07 13:38:30

lol at vvv

good idea Twig

wotzsaname Mon 26-Feb-07 13:43:25

I will go along with that. Sunday was abit odd for me.
Twiglett, I make my pledge oh wise one.

DizzyBint Mon 26-Feb-07 13:46:05

oh dear i don't think i'm an oldie, or a newbie. i'm not pregnant and i don't have older kids...however......i am a bint so i shall include myself here and abide by the rules....especially number 6.

Paddlechick666 Mon 26-Feb-07 13:48:36

surely you mean "god herself"?

charlieq Mon 26-Feb-07 13:57:50

yes paddle that was not very feminist of me

but saying Goddess Herself would have made me sound like a pagan (surely too fluffy)

bandstand Mon 26-Feb-07 14:00:54

dont understand AFTER the discussion

Paddlechick666 Mon 26-Feb-07 14:02:17

yes I can see that Goddess Herself does have a druid-ish ring to it.

i maintain that the gender of god remains unproven therefore the phrase "god herself" is acceptable.

once we've sorted out the gender issue we can move on to the existence one!

mumblechum Mon 26-Feb-07 14:14:28

Whatchoo got against those with older kids, Twig?

We're loverly, we are.

PrettyCandles Mon 26-Feb-07 14:18:33

Twiglett - please declaim etiquette of one-handedpoating, ie sortcuts and typos resulting from posting while bfing. Or, as in my current situation, while having one hand being used as a teething ring by crotchety infant.

Twiglett Mon 26-Feb-07 14:32:44

there's a difference between typos and intentional text speak

PrettyCandles Mon 26-Feb-07 15:03:30

And shortcuts? Eg pg, bfing, etc.

kandi Mon 26-Feb-07 15:10:57

As usual I've missed all the scandals (sound like there's been one or two) but this a nice inclusive thread, just my cuppa tea.

Twiglett Mon 26-Feb-07 18:25:43

yes bandstand .... 'AFTER' ... hard I know

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