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best double buggy for toddler?

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hayleyhew Mon 26-Feb-07 08:34:12

Help - I have a 3years and 3months and a nearly 2 year old. I could do with a double buggy for them. I think I heard the Nipper is good up to 5 years? Trying to get hold of a 2nd hand one

JARM Mon 26-Feb-07 08:59:36

Nippers are good.

I have a double 3 wheeler for sale at the moment, it isnt a nipper or urban detour, but has a brake on the handle, i think its a kingswood.

bought it because jessi was being a pain with walking but she refuses to sit in it!

I am asking £60 inc postage if you are interested. Mail me on for photos x

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