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DS and I got chased by a dog day, I was shitting myself......

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northerner Sun 25-Feb-07 13:11:30

We had been for a lovely long walk along a bridle path near our house. Passed a few people on the way, everyone nice and chatty. On the way back this dog appeared from the bushes, a big black whippet looking thing but fatter.

Ds was ahead on his scooter and it ran after him barking. I ran and picked up ds and was trying to keep calm but this dog was circling us. growling and barking. I was very scared actually.

There was no one around so I kept walking ahead not making eye contact with teh dog. Don't know why but I was more scared if I looked at it.

Pees me off that people can not keep a close eyes on their dogs. It spoilt a lovely morning stroll.

tortoise Sun 25-Feb-07 13:13:26

OMG! How scary. Glad you got away ok.
I probably would of been swinging the scooter around and shouting at it!!

edam Sun 25-Feb-07 13:21:39

Think you did the right thing - am sure I've heard you shouldn't make eye contact but it's a challenge. Glad you are OK. I got chased by a bull terrier leaving the house a few months ago and it was genuinely scary.

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