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Please punctuate this sentence appropriately

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hunkerdave Sun 25-Feb-07 00:47:54

woman without her man is nothing

SaintGeorge Sun 25-Feb-07 00:48:32

Woman. Without her, man is nothing.

ghosty Sun 25-Feb-07 00:48:40

Woman. Without her, man is nothing.

ghosty Sun 25-Feb-07 00:49:14

Boom boom StG
High 5

SaintGeorge Sun 25-Feb-07 00:50:07

..low 5, one to the side.

And 20 other strange combinations that DS1 insists on.

ghosty Sun 25-Feb-07 00:50:59

he he

Pann Sun 25-Feb-07 00:52:15

Woman, without her man, is nothing.

Do I get extra points?

Saturn74 Sun 25-Feb-07 00:52:27

Woman without.
Her man is nothing.

Pann Sun 25-Feb-07 00:56:19

Woman without Herman is nothing. << ad line for a handbag range called Herman >>

MyNamesNotDaveItsRodney Sun 25-Feb-07 00:58:22

I think the more important response here is "Why?!?"

tortoiseSHELL Sun 25-Feb-07 00:59:15

Woman without her? Man is nothing!

Pann Sun 25-Feb-07 01:07:57

Wo! Man without Herman? Is nothing.

Feenie Sun 25-Feb-07 07:22:42

Woman - without her, man is nothing.

I know, same meaning, just showing off different punctuation!

UnquietDad Sun 25-Feb-07 22:05:15

we've done this one before, haven't we?

I've only been here 5 months and already I am trapped in a Chronic Hysteresis.

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