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Can we do a car pool to school between 3 ?

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mooshy Sat 24-Feb-07 20:32:52

Ok i`m blonde !
Have car shared for years with a good friend to dd high school.
dd is 15 and my friend has twin girls 15 also. My friend also nannies and will be having new baby in her car also soon.
I have bought a people carrier in anticipation of this and also that dd2 will be at high school Sept so too many children to carry on car sharing as friend only has basic car.

My friend has suggested we invite another mum of one (who she knows ) into the car sharing so we can avoid the heavy cost of bus (£5 a day per child ! )or £50 per week if you have 2 !
Has anyone ever car shared when there are 3 mums involved and a total of 5 children but potential extra 2 (tots ).
How the heck are we going to figure it out !

lexiemum Sat 24-Feb-07 23:07:01

if you all had people carriers and 2 children each then yes possible - just need to rota out over the month, week 1 and 2 2 days and week 3 one day per driver

now you have 7 children to cater for? a minibus is in order.... x 3!

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