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moving area. how long did it take you to settle?

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sanae Sat 24-Feb-07 11:27:21

I moved with my DH and 3 primary school children 6 months ago. I initiated the move - basically for solid financial reasons (I am breadwinner) and we are in Cornwall, so a lovely area. However, apart from the money side of things we were happy where we were, had a very full life, children were in an unusually good state school. Here the school is OK but not as good socially or academically and the kids miss their old school. I miss my old life, old friends, and even my ILs! We are having to rent at the moment,little to choose from, this house is too small for us with a tiny garden. I know I sound spoilt, so many people have a lot more to worry about. I need to get into my new life and look forward, not back. All you MNs who have moved, how long did it take you to settle and feel at home in your new life? Anyone NOT settled and gone back?

mousiemousie Sat 24-Feb-07 11:46:53

Do you work full time and if so is there a good social network at your work?

Are you and dh managing to meet people and getting involved in activities?

sanae Sat 24-Feb-07 12:08:55

I work 3 days a week so do school pick up twice a week. I have met some nice people down here, just don't feel part of their lives yet. Find quite a lot of the mums aren't at the school gates very regularly. I am planning to start an art class, also have become school governor (but that's only just happened)and have a couple of people in mind to invite round for coffee. DH does football once a week with other dads. Trying to make an effort, just wondered from others' experience how long it took to feel at home. Woke up feeling a bit blue this morning, wanting to go "back home", but would like to make it work here.

pollyanna Sat 24-Feb-07 12:15:11

Hi Sanae, I feel the same as you and wonder if this is a 6 month feeling? I moved away from London to Brighton in August and at the moment am really missing my old life. I like my new house and I do like Brighton, but atm am feeling very homesick. So no information I'm afraid - but would be interested in what other people have to say.

cece Sat 24-Feb-07 12:25:28

I am 10 months along after moving and I seem to remember a bit of a dip at 6 month mark. Now back to loving it and feel like I am making friends. But I was desparate to get away from where we lived. I have been back twice and only felt releif - just trying to persuade my friends to move here to though! LOL

lucykate Sat 24-Feb-07 12:40:03

sanae, don't give up just yet, you sound like you are doing the right things, joining an art class and becoming involved at school. i can sympathise with how you feel, we moved from lancashire to the east midlands last july with dh's work. i was terrified about the move as we didn't know anyone here, and we left behind all our family.

amazingly, we all settled in really quickly, i have a dd at school, and a ds who is 21 months so i have the advantage of being able to get involved in daytime playdates with him to meet people, but i've also instigated a meal out with a small group of mums in the evening (we'd only been here for 2 weeks when i did this, and since then we've been out again only this time there was 9 of us!), and also invited them round to our house for lunch.

where abouts in cornwall are you?, we visit crackington haven every year. what about suggesting a group, plus kids go to one of those big adventure parks one weekend and take a picnic?, we've been to 2 in cornwall, one at Crealey, and one near bude.

sanae Sat 24-Feb-07 17:29:39

Hope you are right about the 6 month dip. I suppose it's not that long really, just worried my old friends will forget me now I'm not such a big part of their lives! Lucykate and cece, it's good to here your positive experiences. I am going to have to be braver and more imaginative at findings friends, but I,ve never been a natural at it. I am near Truro so at least not out in the middle of nowhere. Weather hasn't helped, it's rained so much.

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