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Mail order greetings card catalogue

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Freddiecat Tue 22-Jun-04 10:46:34

Does anyone know of a company that will do mail order greetings cards from a paper catalogue?

I am trying to help my grandma out who is finding it harder to get to the shops. One of the things that really frustrates her is remembering it is someone's birthday and only being able to get them a really horrible card from the corner shop.

I thought if she had a catalogue at home she could order 20 or so cards at a time with people in mind and then she's have them waiting. There are loads of websites which do this but she doesn't go online and therefore needs a catalogue.

mummysurfer Tue 22-Jun-04 10:54:33

what about 'studio', they do reasonably priced packs, althou' i seem to remember they don't do mixed packs so she may have to buy a couple

have googled but can't find them.
i have a catalogue somewhere, i'll post when i find it

mummysurfer Tue 22-Jun-04 11:59:32

finally, i've found it

mummysurfer Tue 22-Jun-04 12:01:43

hopefully this is right

codswallop Tue 22-Jun-04 12:05:34

yes you need to find a phoenix card distributor..w here are you?

codswallop Tue 22-Jun-04 12:09:09

they have lovely cards - £1 each

codswallop Tue 22-Jun-04 12:13:41

yes ring phoenix and they willtell you and the trader ( foten Mums) will drop a catalogie in and she cantring the trader to buy them - and have them delivered

Freddiecat Tue 22-Jun-04 13:22:38

they are not dodgy sales people are they? the last thing i want to do is send dodgy sales people round to my grandparents. is it like betterware?

JulieF Tue 22-Jun-04 13:28:27

I'd compare Phoenix more to Usborne Books than Betterware. It is very often mums of small children who sell them as they can do the toddler group circuit.

I used to sell Betterware by the way.

Jimjams Tue 22-Jun-04 13:56:16

Frddiecat - my friend is a Phoneix trader- I'm thinking of becoming one myself as the cards are lovely (and a good price)- not to do on a big scale just because I like the cards- and I reckon I could end up not having to pay for cards again iyswim. if you want I could get a catalogue sent to your grandma that she could just keep- then she could just order ones in when she needed to. It's easy to do from afar- my friend lives 300 miles away from me.

No dodgy sale techniques involved- contact me off list if you are interested.

Freddiecat Tue 22-Jun-04 21:07:06

Thanks Jimjams - I will have a chat to her and see what she thinks.

Kayleigh Tue 22-Jun-04 21:22:10

I also have a friend who does the Phoenix cards. And she isn't didgy at all The cards are lovely too.

Kayleigh Tue 22-Jun-04 21:22:35

that should have said "dodgy"

TW Sun 27-Jun-04 19:05:36

I've just become a phoenix trader and I would really recommend it to anyone. If you're interested quote ID 5315!! They send you out free info) However, I would say that Freddiecat's grandma would be better to find a trader local to her - or perhaps Freddiecat should become a trader herself - as the best thing to do is to buy out of the trader's stock. They won't necessarily hold everything, and if grandma looks in the brochure, sees something she likes, then requests it, then she may find that the trader has to order that card in specially, which could incur extra delivery costs. Most people I know buy 10 or 20 cards at a time so that they always have something there, but that's probably not what she's after, so as already suggested, if she finds someone local, she can call them up, find out what they've got, and then they'll just drop it round.

Tallgirl Mon 13-Sep-04 11:49:23

TW - hope you are still around. Was doing a search on Phoenix Trading as just got an info pack and wanted to know how you (or anyone) was getting on selling them. I am currently on maternity leave expecting no. 2 (any day now) so was thinking this time of year would be good time to do it and need the money otherwise will be lean Xmas/birthday season! Not entirely sure how you can make lots of money from it unless you sell absolutely loads of cards. Have quite a wide circle of mum friends so might work out well. Not really sure though as never done anything like this before.

An advice would be welcome!


JanH Mon 13-Sep-04 12:18:08

Tallgirl, I have a friend who sells Phoenix and she often takes a stall at school fairs, fund-raising coffee mornings etc. I think how it works is that either you pay a fixed fee to be there and keep all the money you make, or pay them a percentage. Not sure how far in advance you can find out about them but you could ring round the local schools and get a contact number for their PTA/Friends organisers. Our local council has a charity coffee morning in the Mayor's Parlour most Saturdays, if there is a similar place in your town they would have a list of the organisations booked in.

coddychops Mon 13-Sep-04 12:21:19

yes loevely cards
rea lly nice
poepole always ask me whre I get them

Jimjams Mon 13-Sep-04 16:23:44

I do Phoenix cards, but only for pocket money. You can make decent money on it- but need lots of time which I don't have. My other home business (see the ads section) is the one that I plan to build up to provide a sensible income.

The other advantage of Phoenix is that you get cheap cards. Disadvantage- I have boxes of xmas cards sitting in my house as this very moment

cardhangups Thu 26-May-05 15:37:51

Message withdrawn

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