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Anyone had an upper and lower blepharoplasty under LA?

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Jules8432 Wed 11-Jan-17 20:53:32

Hi all smile

just wondered if anyone's had this procedure done?
If so how long did it take to heal? Was it painful? Worth it? Tips on recovery etc

Thanks smile

MrsPeelyWally Mon 30-Jan-17 01:10:06

I had the upper one done in order to remove a lump from my eyelid. It was done by LA and the worst thing about it, and it wasnt bad, was the first injection of the anaesthetic.

becbec17 Mon 30-Jan-17 10:59:34

I am looking into getting this done as well. I have had a consultation with one surgeon but I am finding it really difficult to find a reputable surgeon with lots of experience and genuine reviews....most of the ones that come up online are ones with fancy offices in London who are paying to have their name come up on the search result. any ideas

MrsPeelyWally Mon 30-Jan-17 11:52:29

Sorry Bec, I had mine done in the Middle East so can't advise.

fruitbats Tue 31-Jan-17 19:19:53

I had it done but under general A.
It wasn't painful but uncomfortable whilst the stitches were in. Healed very well. The upper lids were quite puffy for a couple of weeks. When I woke from the ga, my eyes were heavily bandaged and I was advised that the longer I could leave the dressings on, the less swelling there would be.

I have to say that my eyes now water a lot, resulting in me suffering from 'dry eyes'. As soon as I step outdoors, the watering starts. I also find my eyes are very easily irritated. it has been 4 years since my op.

The scars are virtually invisible though.

Good luck thanks

StealingYourWiFi Tue 31-Jan-17 19:26:04

I work with a surgeon who does this. She will only do UPPER under a lower. She says lower is too uncomfortable. It's a fantastic procedure that makes a hell of a difference. If anyone wants the surgeons name PM me, she specialises in head and neck particularly nerves and paralysis so really is the best for the job

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