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Any one got a copy of "full house" 2/3 weeks ago with mum of 10 in it?

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BabyMadwithBump Wed 21-Feb-07 09:49:09

Im dieing to read it has the story is about my mother (mum of ten) and no where can I find a copy so I've come to my fellow MNers to see if they have a copy. fingers crossed please please!
I dont even know what the story is called but I have 8 brothers and a sister, my dad die june 05 of cancer, I'm sure these details will be in the story and there are pic's of us/her children in it, my mothers name is Dawna Upchurch hope these details help! Thanks!

BabyMadwithBump Wed 21-Feb-07 16:11:42


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