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My 2yr old brought me a dead rat in bed this morning

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Bucketsofdynomite Wed 21-Feb-07 08:12:46

Knew we should have called him Damien .
Cat had been thumping about noisily in the night and we let DS in to our room about 6.45. I stick the TV on and he bumbles about the room while I doze until DD wakes up. Heard him cooing next to me, opened my eyes and he was presenting me with this stiff dead rat and a big beam on his face! I was this close to screaming!

throckenholt Wed 21-Feb-07 08:14:12

hmmm - better than a live one I suppose ! Any idea if it came from inside or if the cat brought it in from outside ?

longwaytogoandabitfurther Wed 21-Feb-07 08:22:49

omw i would have frieked.

ManchesterMum Wed 21-Feb-07 08:25:23

More effective than an alarm clock, I suppose, but eeeuuuuwwww !

Bucketsofdynomite Wed 21-Feb-07 08:59:35

Think cat will have got it from outside but whether he caught it himself or pinched it off another cat I don't know. He has been behaving very oddly since we moved in the summer, think this is a cry for help.

winnie Wed 21-Feb-07 09:11:52

Bucketsofdynomite, when ds was about 10 months he was sat on the kitchen floor surrounded by toys (inc soft toys) and I freaked when I realised their was a dead rat amongst them. The cat had come in through the cat flap with it deposited it their and left. Ds thought it was another furry toy. The cat flap got locked after that. Yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk... so you are not alone

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