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a dads net?

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clairejo Mon 19-Feb-07 15:03:36

I have seen a thread hanging about talking about a dads net, I discussed this with my DP and he has said if there is sufficient numbers who would be interested in joining the forum he would set it up. He has made a template online but has not taken steps to purchase a domain name. Heres the challenge, ask your dp's would they be interested. and post back here

Muminfife Mon 19-Feb-07 15:34:51

Message withdrawn

boredwithwaitingforminiMOSSY Mon 19-Feb-07 15:42:54

I've asked my dh, he says he is not really interested in the internet, he'd have a gander if a dadsnet was set up but probably not use it.

(Sorry - he's only one bloke though!)

HappyDaddy Mon 19-Feb-07 16:47:40

There is one, it's even called dadsnet. It's boring cos no one goes on it!

clairejo Mon 19-Feb-07 18:47:24

we noticed dadsnet domain name was taken. But couldn't get the page to display. DP says he will set a forum up and promote it here and elswhere. Via myspace possibly. Hopefully with a decent amount of promotion he might get it to take off, and if it does he can invest in a domain name. I will post the url once he has a forum running. Thanks for the replies and keep em coming if you have more input.

clairejo Mon 19-Feb-07 22:26:48


Beauregard Mon 19-Feb-07 22:30:24

Dp would probably take a look.

CurlyN Mon 19-Feb-07 22:34:37

Sorry he says No. i think its a good idea so bump

CurlyN Mon 19-Feb-07 22:34:51


clairejo Mon 19-Feb-07 22:37:48

Calling all dads. I have hijacked my dp's thread to tell you to take a look here - a forum for dads This is still a work in progress and if it takes off I wil purchase a proper domain name so come on dads(and mums of course)I can only make it work with your help.

Cappuccino Mon 19-Feb-07 22:41:38

this came up on men's room a while ago

I think the OP on that thread was going to ask mn towers about expanding the dads section

can't honestly see setting up a different site when all the tech expertise, goodwill and membership is already here

<sucks up>

Fingerscrossed2007 Mon 19-Feb-07 22:43:57

I've always been quite surprissed at how small the mens section is.

clairejo Mon 19-Feb-07 23:15:56


Twinklemegan Mon 19-Feb-07 23:28:07

"I might be, but dunno - don't want to get hooked like you" His exact words, lol

chocolatebirdy Mon 19-Feb-07 23:33:18

Dp says he would use it especially if he can talk norks! But no seruiously he would be intrested. Not sure i am loving it though as we only have 1 computer!!

clairejo Mon 19-Feb-07 23:36:59

My DP says Nork chat welcome lol. Seriously though, he has been posting for advice already and we only have one computer too. I am thinking of setting agreed times to surf up, although I am willing to let him have a little leeway to get this thing off the ground if it looks promising, although I might have to monitor the 'Nork Chat'

clairejo Tue 20-Feb-07 08:05:35


SleeplessDad Tue 20-Feb-07 11:06:56

I've been lurking on this and related threads for while. Thought it might be time to jump in.

I'm a first time dad - ds is now 4 months or so. I've been amazed by how little there is on the web for dads, compared to the fabulous mumsnet. Also I've been very jealous of dw who has been logged on here pretty solidly for the last year.

I think a proper forum for dads is a must. I spoke to one friend - father of a 4 yr old daughter - and asked him what he'd found on the net. "Oh," said he. "I hang around in a lot of motoring forums and I sometimes ask for parenting advice in those"

But I think we dads could do with a few other things. Like not being asked whether we're pregnant when we register (sends out the wrong vibes - really it does ). Also, it would be great to get dads' perspectives on stuff like prams and pushchairs. We went for the excellent Pliko Pramette - excellent apart from the fact that for a 6 foot chap, the handles are just that little bit to far away for me to push without stooping. I want a place to find out about that sort of stuff.

Anyway, to get to the rub - seeing as I write for a living, and build websites when that writing is making me rather less than a living - I've been working away on a sort of site for dads that has the stuff that I want to see. It's not meant as a commercial operation, but I have registered a domain name (I'd rather keep it under wraps for now) and I've got a few people writing for me so we can offer perspectives from dads in all sorts of different situations - from the new dad to the separated dad who lives abroad.

And there's a forum - which nearly killed me to put together. But it doesn't ask people who register whether they're pregant

I should have what we chaps with our love of technical jargon would call a 'beta version' of the whole thing up and running in about a week or so. I wondered whether there are any dads out there who would like to have a look and let me know what they think?

God - that was a long post. Still, goes to show that some of us dads can communicate when we're not standing shoulder to shoulder at the bar avoiding eye contact...

UnquietDad Tue 20-Feb-07 11:22:01

"I've always been quite surprised at how small the mens section is."

Ah, but it's not the size, it's what we do with it.

clairejo Tue 20-Feb-07 11:39:25

Have a look at the link below. see what you think

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 20-Feb-07 11:40:56


UnquietDad Tue 20-Feb-07 16:28:36

I do like the idea of a dadsnet, but as HD indicates, I worry that it would be taken over by boring chat about cars and golf. You wouldn't be able to spend 5 minutes in there without someone asking "So, what are you driving these days?"

UnquietDad Tue 20-Feb-07 16:30:11

There is a fantastic clip somewhere - wish I knew how to find it - of John Marsh (I think) reading the news on Radio 4 about 25 years ago, and saying that "Lesbian forces" had invaded, rather than "Lebanese forces".

UnquietDad Tue 20-Feb-07 16:30:36

ignore - just posted that in wrong bit...

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 20-Feb-07 16:33:14


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