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Ahem, following on from the 'no tv for under 3's' thread, erm, look at my profile

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WideWebWitch Mon 19-Feb-07 12:03:42

Because this is how dd thinks she should look after her baybee but also

Flamesparrow Mon 19-Feb-07 12:04:33

no profile there... do you have to be a friend?

WideWebWitch Mon 19-Feb-07 12:05:39

No, click on www's photos, it's there when I look, tell me if it is will you? Ta.

FioFio Mon 19-Feb-07 12:06:11

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Mon 19-Feb-07 12:06:57

Oh what am I doing wrong then, it's there when I look and I made it public.

Hulababy Mon 19-Feb-07 12:07:19

No, can't see it either.

Marscentio Mon 19-Feb-07 12:08:36

You can tell it's not there because there's not icon after your name babe!

Flamesparrow Mon 19-Feb-07 12:08:37

Have you made the actual profile public as well as the pics? You've got not little yellow thingy... (what is that thing anyway?)

WideWebWitch Mon 19-Feb-07 12:08:46

Try again, is it there? Just changed the settings, I may have been being a numpty, sorry.

Flamesparrow Mon 19-Feb-07 12:08:58

Oooh click her name

Marscentio Mon 19-Feb-07 12:09:14

Sudden thought... as there is now no icon after mine... did you use a different name when you set it up?

Flamesparrow Mon 19-Feb-07 12:09:15

and pmsl - worth the wait!

RubyRioja Mon 19-Feb-07 12:09:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gobbledigook Mon 19-Feb-07 12:09:29

Ha ha!! That's hilarious!!

schneebly Mon 19-Feb-07 12:09:35

lol I scan see it!

WideWebWitch Mon 19-Feb-07 12:09:35

Is it there? It will be a complete anti climax now, sorry

Marscentio Mon 19-Feb-07 12:09:54


What a "bad mummy" lol

FioFio Mon 19-Feb-07 12:10:05

Message withdrawn

Dottydot Mon 19-Feb-07 12:10:34

Fab! Worked when I clicked on your name - made me

WideWebWitch Mon 19-Feb-07 12:10:47

She did it all on her own, no prompting <proud emoticon>

ComeOVeneer Mon 19-Feb-07 12:11:12

A bit close don't you think?

ledodgy Mon 19-Feb-07 12:13:05


bandstand Mon 19-Feb-07 12:13:41

you must be very proud

2nervesleft Mon 19-Feb-07 12:15:29

Where did she get such an idea??

Hulababy Mon 19-Feb-07 12:22:00

LOL Now where on earth did she get that idea from?!

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