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Need a rant/chat

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lolipop2405 Tue 20-Dec-16 22:01:33

Hello, having a bit of a rubbish week, just need to talk/ rant!

So we are getting work done on our house, taking a VERY long time and running over budget quite significantly ( slightly because we asked for some more jobs to be done, and slightly because of the extra labour because of lengthy project)

Anyway we will now have to take out a huge loan to cover the rest of the work, meaning I have to continue to work for another year or so, to help pay the loan. I say continue to work, as we are currently TTC, with the idea of me taking a year off on maternity leave.

So this has majorly scuppered our TTC plans, and I'm feeling down about that.

Also getting painting work done, and asked for samples before we could decide, and mentioned 1 colour we maybe liked, but again, please provide a sample first, (sample requested 3 times, and written in email) They painted the insides of built in wardrobes, (in 1 colour) and we said we didn't actually like that colour and asked again if we could have our samples, and not to paint any more of that first colour.

Came home today to find 2 rooms totally painted in the colour we said we did not like, and no samples.

Found out today a family relative isn't well, and in hospital.

All in all it's been a rubbish week and it's only Tuesday!

Anyone to cheer me up?!🙁

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