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guilty pleasures

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mummydawn07 Sat 17-Dec-16 23:57:04

I just wanted to start a light hearted discussion, and I have a lot of guilty pleasures a few I don't tell anyone about grin so how about every one else? what are your guilty pleasures? films, books, tv, music it could be anything.

here are a few of mine:
little mix
all the fifty shades of grey books ( not seen the films yet )
the twilight films
tv Christmas films
midsomer murders ( and all crime type programmes pretty much )
hollyoaks ( but mainly from my OH lol )
really cheesy chick flick films
and a lot of made for t.v films
some really strange food choices in there too eg: love chocolate spread and peanut butter sarnies

so there's quite a few of mine.. what are yours?

Andrewofgg Tue 20-Dec-16 14:13:44


NotLadyPrickshit Wed 04-Jan-17 18:00:01

My guilty pleasure is watching things on TLC... 90 day fiancé is my absolute fave just now!

Ilovecaindingle Wed 11-Jan-17 19:31:08

Guilty pleasure - telling my kids there are no sweets in the house - but eating crap out of my Xmas stocking while watching all of the game of thrones series in bed!!

228agreenend Sun 15-Jan-17 22:45:26

Guilty pleasures include:

Hagen Diaz Baileys ice cream
Freddo chocolates
John Barrowman/Michael Ball and other such easy listening singers
Law and Order U.K. And USA versions
River Monsters - had a phase of watching these
Jeremy Kyle - love the DNA result ones

MingeFog Sun 15-Jan-17 22:49:15

I binge watch Jerseylicious on Hulu blush and arrange my evenings around watching Hollyoaks on C4/E4/the +1 channels!

Sunnysidegold Sun 05-Feb-17 08:16:36

Too many...
Nutella on ritz crackers
Dance moms
Listening to radio 1 even though i "am not in their demogrphic put on radio 2" says oh
Crisp sandwiches on white bread with butter
Taylor swift
Playing games on my phone
Sneaky cups of tea or coffee when I'm doing the grocery shop
New nail polish although i hardly ever paint my.nails now
Reeses peanut butter cups
Flicking through the mail on sunday at my parents' house
Gin in a tin

Sunnysidegold Sun 05-Feb-17 08:17:08

Oh i also love midsomer murders!

Sparklingbrook Sun 05-Feb-17 08:20:24

Watching 'I didn't know I was Pregnant'
Going on YouTube 80s reminiscing journeys.
Buying stationery I don't need.
Wandering around Home Bargains buying stuff that's not essential.

Steve1970 Sun 19-Feb-17 03:48:00

I love making comme ts on the daily fsil website. I pick a story thrn i first make a comment to try and get as many green arrowa as possible then i add a comment to try and attract as many red arrows. Sadly anything positive about ukip or nigel farage seems to result in green arrows. Anything about being compassionate to those less well off or foreign results in an avalanche of red . They are a depressingly sad bunch on the dsily fsil im afraid. Its good fun can even turn it in to a mdaily game with friends.

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