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constipation - young baby - 5weeks old

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luckysmile Sun 18-Feb-07 21:09:06

Does anyone have any tips for constipation of a young baby? My dd is 5 weeks old, and sometimes doesn't poo for 3 days! She is mainly formula fed, and we have to give her around 100ml of water each day as well which did help, but she hasn't poo'd for days even though she is straining too.

burek Mon 19-Feb-07 09:50:19

Try a warm bath, tepid water to drink, a little gentle massage. It'll pass soon enough don't worry. The straining always looks worse than it feels, I think.

Bucketsofdynomite Mon 19-Feb-07 10:31:18

I was told this is quite normal for newborns not to poo for a few days at a time. Teaspoon of orange juice in the water?

PrettyCandles Mon 19-Feb-07 10:43:34

Try a different formula for several days before giving oj or anything similar.

Some babies do strain for ages (days, even) before pooing, but as long as there's no distress when the poo comes through then you don't need to worry.

burek Thu 22-Feb-07 17:41:04

Did anything work, luckysmile?

earplugs Thu 22-Feb-07 18:01:20

DS is now almost all formula fed and he only goes every 3 days (sometimes 4). I asked the HV and she said as long as it isn't hard when it eventually comes out then it could just be their natural cycle. A real nuisance though as we also have to endure 2 days of constant straining before anything 'productive' happens!

fizzbuzz Thu 22-Feb-07 18:06:25

As previously said, teaspoon orange juice in oz of water

fizzbuzz Thu 22-Feb-07 18:10:08

Freshly squeezed orange that is! Not Robinsons Barley Water!!

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