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SexyMadScientist Fri 16-Feb-07 11:52:15

If you are on AOL please read this and bump for the next person thats being ripped off.

If you know people of AOL please send this info to them then bump for the next person thats being ripped off.

Check your address book - send this info to any AOL addys - then bump for the next person.

I found out last night that I am being ripped off by AOL. I am paying £17.99 for product that many other users are paying £9.99 for.

They are basically advertising this package for £14.99 at the moment with a free wireless router. There are rumours that you can actually get it for £9.99 if you don't take the wireless router - just google 'AOL Silver & 9.99'. The news is worse if you are paying for GOLD because apparently this doesn't exist any more (since 15th Jan)- these users have apparently been downgraded to silver (which is now 2Mb anyway) but still paying for GOLD.

My MIL queried this by using their live help IM talk thing. She was offered £14.99. She told them she wanted the £9.99 deal. The operator didn't know anything about that . She asked to put thru to supervisor and she was suddenly offered £9.99. According to the geeky forums many users are getting this just by saying they want the same as what their 'friend' is getting. My SIL is also now paying £9.99.

I don't know whether there is a similar situation with the Platinum (which is advertised at £29.99 for 8Mb with free router).

There is one Catch. In order to take the £9.99 yo have to sign up to a new 12m contract. I have to admit I havn't done this yet as the Sky package is miles cheaper than either of these and I don't want to tie in for 12m before I have decided whether to change. I am currently looking for feedback on Sky broadband...

wurlywurly Fri 16-Feb-07 11:55:53

oh no, i'm not with aol, but will keep bumped.

SexyMadScientist Fri 16-Feb-07 11:58:24

The wholes saga (and a couple of other tales which I won't bore you with make me want o move to Sky - but their packages sound too good to be true. Just wondering what the service is like

random Fri 16-Feb-07 12:14:22

Thanks for that them down to 14.99 they said the 9.99 package was no longer available?

SexyMadScientist Fri 16-Feb-07 12:20:27

My MIL got £9.99 with a bit of persuasion last night...

random Fri 16-Feb-07 12:22:55

Will have to go haggle a bit harder then

SexyMadScientist Fri 16-Feb-07 12:27:16

Threatening to leave works EVERY time with AOL. They even tried to get my dead father to stay with them for a little longer

wurlywurly Fri 16-Feb-07 12:48:38


JanH Fri 16-Feb-07 12:49:54

Thanks for the heads-up, SMS - not sure if we can pull this one though, because we have a slightly different thing where we pay extra to be able to use broadband and dial-up on 2 different computers at the same time - in theory we're going to get networked, but that's in a galaxy far far away!

I will point this out to DH anyway

SexyMadScientist Fri 16-Feb-07 13:07:40

But you may be able to get the £14.99 deal where you get a free wireless router so you can use broadband on both computers at teh same time - if you wanted it.

Honestly - threaten to leave - AOL DO NOT LIKE THAT!!!

SexyMadScientist Fri 16-Feb-07 15:20:42

Bump in case anyone still listens to me these days

Pinkchampagne Fri 16-Feb-07 15:31:57

I signed up to the £14.99 deal, but after 3 months it went up to £17.99. This appeared to be their cheapest deal at the time

Pinkchampagne Fri 16-Feb-07 15:35:12

Best I investigate this further! Thanks SMS.

SexyMadScientist Fri 16-Feb-07 15:37:58

Just google 'AOL Silver 9.99' there are some other forums which go into much more detail.

I am actually v v v tempted by Sky broadband as I AOL customer service is non existant and I feel conned and about this...

Pinkchampagne Fri 16-Feb-07 15:40:01

Is Sky cheaper than AOL?

SexyMadScientist Fri 16-Feb-07 15:43:58

If you have Sky Tv you can get broadband Free but it has a 2Gb download limit. £5 gets you 8Mb speed, 40Gb limit (which apparently is LOADS) £10 gets you 16Mb unlimited. BUT you have to be in a connected area.

SexyMadScientist Fri 16-Feb-07 15:44:31

Problem is I actually quite like the AOL interface...

SexyMadScientist Fri 16-Feb-07 15:44:44

and reliability of service.

MerlinsBeard Fri 16-Feb-07 15:47:16

i have aol and they are rejiggling all their packaes. They have been taken over by talktalk and apparently the silver package (currently the £17.99 one - which was £14.99 for teh frst 3 months) is going to be faster. Haven;t heard about the gold package going

We are leaving to go with sky when it comes here properly coz its free! It can't get any worse than AOHellso we are taking that chance

SexyMadScientist Fri 16-Feb-07 15:48:48

But you can now get that package for £9.99 WITH the speed upgrade. You do have to tie in to 12m tho which would be a prob if you are serious about moving to Sky

SexyMadScientist Fri 16-Feb-07 15:50:19

Basically the GOLD package was 2Mb. They are upgrading SILVER to 2Mb but not upgrading gold - so the 2 are essentially the same but you will still pay for the GOLD level of service - apparently.

Pinkchampagne Fri 16-Feb-07 15:50:54

Sky deal sounds good, but do you have to have the full Sky package to be entitled to it?
Have no idea if we are in the right area for it either!

SexyMadScientist Fri 16-Feb-07 15:55:17

no you don't - have a look at this and this . Go into the see hear and surf box about 1/2 way down and you can select what you do/don't want and it will tell you a price.

The only thing that worrys me is that they get mixed reviews...

SexyMadScientist Fri 16-Feb-07 15:56:53

There function to tell you if you are in the right area doesn't work for me at teh moment - might have to ring them...

suejonez Fri 16-Feb-07 16:00:26

thanks for the prompt I would like to stay with AOL but may negotiate free wireless box to stay. Will also check out Sky

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