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Wish I hadn't moved

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Flossie71 Thu 17-Nov-16 10:22:48

It's 3 weeks since I moved and I'm feeling very regretful, can't sleep properly and have a feeling of panic in the pit of my stomach. I feel too foolish to tell my friends. My OH knows but I feel bad that I am making things negative for him by going on about it.

I moved from a city to a village. I wanted to do this for a while, was convinced I wanted to live in the country but now I've done it I am filled with regret and 'homesickness' for my old life. I lived on my own for 10 years before this move and I was happy that way but felt it'd be good for a change and to move in with my OH after 6 years together. Also we are very into outdoors stuff and used to go to the country walking most weekends when we lived in the city (we both lived in same city but not together).

I had a few wobbles before moving but put it down to the thought of change. I now have to say I wish I hadn't moved. I mostly work from home but do some in house work in the city - it's a 1.5 hour train journey away, but the last 2 days I've done this it's taken 3.5 hours to get home. So I figure I will just have to work at home most/all the time. In the city I cycled everywhere which I loved and now seems so easy in comparison!

I had lots of friends locally and before we moved I was thinking about starting a masters degree and that was one of the factors that made me unsure about the move. I thought I could possibly commute to the masters once moved (as its part time) but now realise that would be horrendous (further than the work journey). Although it's beautiful countryside here and the house is nice and it's quiet (I had noisy neighbours previously, one of the reasons I wanted to move) I feel lost and pining for how things were. I know it's only 3 weeks so it seems silly, I just keep thinking did I get this totally wrong and make a big mistake - it's a horrible feeling. I was happy before I moved, now I'm not really. All the stress and hard work of moving just doesn't seem worth it and tbh I struggling to be motivated to do anything. Although I love my OH I even miss having my own place.

Sorry it's so long just hoping for some words of wisdom or advice.

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