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Room temperature!!

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RG2016 Sun 30-Oct-16 02:25:53

Our bedroom is absolutely boiling all the time even when it's freezing outside. The gro egg always says it is 22-23 degrees. At the moment I've got the windows wide open and the fan on but the temperature hasn't changed at all. We've noticed it is since the new Windows have been installed that it is so hot in the house.
Baby is due in a few days and it's driving me crazy as I'm worried that it's going to be far too warm in here for her and I won't be able to dress her properly at bedtime!
Has anyone got any advice on what I can do?

ChipIn Sun 30-Oct-16 02:35:26

Just dress your baby appropriately for the temp. There's advice for and against certain temps for babies' rooms but I live in a place where 40 degrees is a common summer temp and with no aircon rooms there's not a whole lot that can be done. Appropriate clothing and hydration is all. It's worrying at first but we got used to it pretty quickly.

InTheDessert Sun 30-Oct-16 03:44:54

I assume you have no heating on?? If so, turn it down or off.
Otherwise, that is the temperature of your house. Not much you can do about it. Baby will be fine, just don't put too many clothes / blankets etc on her.
Otherwise, to echo what Chip said - there are loads of places where the temperatures recommended by the NHS just aren't achievable. Our house is kept at 25, because to cool it further costs ££££. The babies here (think high 30s during the day now it's cooling down) are in long sleeves and trousers now, often with a blanket. They all survive!

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