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How much to charge for wedding invitations?

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craftycarls Sun 16-Oct-16 20:27:50

I am a creative person and have been asked by a friend to make some wedding invitations for her step-daughter. She needs 150 and they are 3 layers of card, ribbon and an embellishment plus rsvp cards etc. What do you think is a reasonable amount to charge? A lot of hours will go into it but she is a friend!

BackforGood Sun 16-Oct-16 23:49:17

First of all, before you start doing ANY planning, have a really clear conversation with her about how much the material will be, and just how many hours will go into making these. she probably hasn't thought, and may even be assuming you will do them as a favour.
You need to make it clear that it will take X hours to hand make all of these, and that, whilst you could, if she/her dd wants to pay, just check with her dd that she knows she will be able to get mass produced invitations a lot cheaper elsewhere, and see what she says in the first place.
You could even ask her what she thinks would be a reasonable hourly rate, and take it from there.

CalleighDoodle Sun 16-Oct-16 23:52:10

She needs 150! Blimey how many at the wedding?!

Ive no constructive advice btw. I only opened the thread holing it was an 'aibua for charging my guests for their invites to my wedding' post grin

Akire Sun 16-Oct-16 23:58:18

They will take forever, are you cutting up x3 sets of card for layering? Then printing inserts and RSVP cards? If you are just assembling it's not to bad but if you are printing and cutting and sticking it all tends to get out of control!

If say least 80p- £1.50 a card and that's just for materials card, ink, ribbon, glue, new blade on cutter machine etc. just go to hobbycraft online and price up 150 cards and all extras.

Then you could suggest that you are willing to give X hours as a gift but anything over would be per hour price.

Non crafty people think you can knock up bunch in 2hours. when it will take days. But please start of at hobbycraft material price as a very basic cost.

On a personal note sticking ribbon on card so it didn't look naff or ends keep showing is nightmare!

craftycarls Tue 15-Nov-16 07:57:47

Thanks for your advice. She has now told me that she is getting some quotes as I said it will cost a lot and I will see if I can beat them. I've worked out materials can probably do it for £200.

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