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problem neighbours

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cuddly61 Tue 04-Oct-16 14:05:39

i'll try and explain ,about 10 years ago my neighbour asked permission to build his own picket fence and put up between my house and his house at the time he had brought his council house but i still rented from the council . he only painted his fence when he put it up so for ten years it hasnt had any repair or painted. so over the years most of the posts had rotted and it was swaying back and forth. earlier this year i was in a position to buy my council house and it came to light that the neighbour had put several panels of his fence on my side of the boundary(my boundary) . so i decide to put a new fence up as by now his fence was so rotten i had had to tie two of the panels that had broken away from the posts with strong string. we told them what we planned to do they was fine with it.....until the fence men touched the first rotten bit of his fence and several panels just fell they was so rotten. so out he comes shouting criminal damage threatening to smash my new fence. as i took his threats seriously i quickly put a spare cctv camera in the upstairs windowsill looking down. sure enough about ten minutes after the fencemen left after putting ten panels up so far he was out there pushing as hard as he could against every panel putting all ten panels out. but he didnt stop there,once it was dark when my camera couldnt pick it up he kicked a panel so hard two bits came out. then the next day piled all his old fence panels up one of my panels. it was a nightmare. he is due in court for criminal damage next week but here is my problem and where i need some advice please. this neighbour never hardly cut his lawn before my new fence went up but now he cuts it every week and everytime he does this strange walk with his mower along my fence ,everyone who has seen this footage on my cctv says the same he is shouldering my fence but my cctv cant pick up actual contact and because the cement now is well set the fence doesnt move ,before when the first panels went up you could see the fence moving when he pushed on it hence evidence for the police. i have shown the police the footage and they say he may well be doing it but as my cctv doesnt show actual contact there is nothing i can do. i thought about moving my camera over more towards my fence but i tested this out using my hand held camera but it still wouldnt pick up the other side of my fence clearly. so has anyone any ideas where i can install a camera something like a spy camera type to pick up if he is shouldering my fence. if i drilled a little hole in my fence and put a small camera in there it would just show whats in front of it and not either side . its darn annoying this is being done week after week. to cut along my fence it takes him about 4 minutes,with his strange walk swaying side to side ,pretending he is stopping to reposition his mower . yet along his fence the other side,no strange walk and he cuts it in 30 seconds. please any advice would be appreciated.

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