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Tax Credits Penalty

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Lilyofthevalley77 Wed 21-Sep-16 13:19:20

Hi everyone,
My head is in mince right now. I am a lone parent with three young children. I am claiming childcare for my one year old. We moved house end of April 2016. I looked for registered childminders and nursery to suit my hours but couldn't find any. I work 30 hours a week. The local registered childcare providers had spaces but they were random here and there-an afternoon or morning in various days . I couldn't even get a full day I'm one place. There was going to be an opening for 2 days in one of the local nurseries in August. I ended up using random unregistered childminders to be able go to work. Unfortunately I had a family emergency in July so I had to travel abroad. I left my kids with a full time nanny ( unregistered of course). I was supposed to be away for a week but I ended up staying there for two months. I was having issues that delayed my return to the country. I came back last week.

I immediately called the HMRC to renew my tax credits of which the deadline was back in July.
I am worried that 1) They will fine me for not reporting the change of circumstances sooner, 2) my overpayment will be too high for me to manage the repayments and still manage to cope with my household bills. I have had to reduce my hours to 16 hours because I have found a place for my child for 2 days.

I have been told to phone Concentrix to review my tax credits . I am sick in my stomach to pick up the phone. I have been trying to phone them but the line has been busy all morning.
Any advice?

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