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What's the worst thing your child has destroyed?

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TheWingingItMum Sat 17-Sep-16 10:54:18

I love reading about what other parents little monsters have been up to.

I recently treated myself to a brand new eyeshadow palette (I am a beauty blogger), it was delivered, I opened it up and (stupidly) left it on a cabinet in my living room. I then went to do 'mumsy shit' in the kitchen (so I didn't feel like a completely failure as a housewife) I returned 10 minutes later to see my daughter had ABSOLUTELY BUTCHERED my new eyeshadow palette shock there was eyeshadow everywhere. My brand new eyeshadow palette went straight in the bin.

So apart from your body, your lady parts and the ability to ever have a lie in again, what has your child destroyed?

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