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Traybo2 Tue 13-Sep-16 14:44:27

Hi I have many symptoms of pcos. I haven't yet been doctors as I feel I never get taken seriously when I go. Does anyone else have this and is there anything to do to reduce symptoms of it.

MaisyL68 Tue 13-Sep-16 22:47:42

I have pcos, I've had it a few years now, I was compaining of a lot of pain near where my ovarys are! As well as irregular bleeding and long hevey periods or very light short periods, it was such a long process to get a diagnosis, I was 18 when I got the diagnosis but had been having problems from a very young age, I just kept going back every week till they started taking me seriously! I was even hospitalised on about 3 different occasions as the pain would be so bad I was literally cripped! You can request a blood test to see if you ovulate, they work out when you should be ovulating then book you in for a blood test, also I told them I wasn't moving till they referred me for a ultrasound! Finally they did then I got my answer, they suggest you go on the pill to help with symptoms, I was on the pill about two months but it just got worse for me! Personally now I'm 21 the pcos has calmed down on its own! Hope that helps 😊

MaisyL68 Tue 13-Sep-16 22:51:07

Also I forgot to add, I wrote down every period I had, when I came on, the pain from 1-10, bad pms symptoms I got, if it was light or hevey everything possible todo with my period I kepted a diary, I did that for about 6months I think that helped them listen too, good luck ! Xx

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