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Feel so betrayed

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Sarahanne1988x Sun 11-Sep-16 11:35:25

All night last night my daughter was up and very unsettled around 4am I bought her downstairs so she didn't disturb her dad as he works long hours and it was his first layin in two weeks whilst trying to settle her on the sofa and comfort her he came raging down the stairs like a mad man shouting at me whilst I kept telling him I was trying my hardest to settle her and he just lost it
It grabbed me and then started strangling me on the sofa I was really shook up then he went back upstairs and went back to sleep
I couldn't sleep after that and this morning I couldn't look at him or speak to him and all he said was "oh your not talking to me now " and left the house I feel awful and so betrayed and I think I'm in shock I don't know what to do he didn't even say sorry to me this is the first time he's ever really been that bad but I didn't deserve that I feel empty inside now how can you do that to someone that you say you love ?

MyKingdomForBrie Sun 11-Sep-16 11:36:49

You can't. Call the police and leave the house with baby for somewhere safe if at all possible - if you have no where ring women's aid.


LIZS Sun 11-Sep-16 11:37:45

"That bad" . He tried to strangle you? What else has he done, is he normally angry?

QuiteLikely5 Sun 11-Sep-16 11:40:58

Oh dear, this is not good. I expect you're in shock.

I'll take it the baby witnessed this attack?

If you aren't brave enough to call the police can you confide in a friend or relative?

nueday8 Sun 11-Sep-16 11:41:58

Please take steps to make yourself an baby safe today please, phone women's aid. Unforgivable

Mybeardeddragonjustdied2016 Sun 11-Sep-16 11:44:46

Have a locksmith over ASAP. And ring the police. If this continues and he really hurts you what will happen to your child? What if he hurts the baby? No brainer. Get rid.

SarcasmMode Sun 11-Sep-16 11:45:22

I know when tired you can act irrationally but that's usually shouting and swearing not physical attack.

He assaulted you.

He will only get worse, not better. He didn't even attempt to apologise. He is a prize twat.

You need to seriously think about whether you are willing to put up with this shot from him.

I think you should also consider how this emotionally impacts DD. How old is she?

He's a nasty bully and the best thing is to tell him to fuck off somewhere.

anametouse Sun 11-Sep-16 11:46:26

Please please please please leave. Please , before he kills you.

notapizzaeater Sun 11-Sep-16 11:47:47

He assaulted you. Babies cry - fact

Contact womans aid and start making exit plans.

fuzzywuzzy Sun 11-Sep-16 11:47:52

Call the police, ring women's aid. Call your family & friends tell them what he did.

LTB. Seriously this will escalate, he thinks strangling you is acceptable it will get worse. Most women who experience DV experience it during pregnancy or shortly after having a child, because that's when you're most vulnerable and dependant on your partner and at his mercy if he is an abuser which yours is.

Keep yourself and your baby

fuzzywuzzy Sun 11-Sep-16 11:48:06

Keep your baby and yourself safe

Sarahanne1988x Sun 11-Sep-16 11:56:08

Dd is nearly one
I have no where to go and it's not my house so I think il just call women's aid I don't really know what to say to them or what to do right now

turtlesallthewaydown Sun 11-Sep-16 12:00:16

Virtual hand hold Sara. Hope you're calling women's aid right now. Take their advice, use their support.

ayeokthen Sun 11-Sep-16 12:01:44

Pack the basics of what you and your daughter need and go to the nearest police station. Call Women's Aid on the way, they can offer advice on where you go from here. How awful for you OP, I wish nobody ever had to endure this terrible abuse.

Scarydinosaurs Sun 11-Sep-16 12:03:47

Say to women's aid exactly what you said here.

Do you have family or friends you can reach today?

Darkswan Sun 11-Sep-16 12:13:01

You need to leave as people have said. Get everything you need together and be gone when he gets in. That's not behaviour you should put up with and not what you want your dd seing as she grows up. Definitely report him to the police asap. They may want to photograph your neck as evidence so don't delay speaking to them.
flowers so sorry this happened to you.

turtlesallthewaydown Mon 12-Sep-16 22:14:51

How are you doing OP? Keep posting, you'll find support. I hope you're ok.

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