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Keeping a 4 year old happy on commute

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RachelElise Fri 09-Sep-16 12:08:26

I have no idea which area I should have posted this in.... but I now take my son to the school I work at, he's just started Reception. The commute is a half hour drive there and half hour back - which isn't too bad I suppose but I don't want him on an ipad screen the whole time. We have instigated a compulsory 'What I did today' session... but that wears thin. he's only reading little words so 'reading books' are a bit ambitious. Tried an audio book but think I aimed bit too grown up - he likes slapstick, dinosaurs, fart noises, burps and all that lovely stuff. Can anyone suggest a good commuter activity?? I know we can mix things up a bit - some ipad games, some watching, some chatting ..... but any hints or tips on activities, audio books etc would be so appreciated!

RiverTam Fri 09-Sep-16 12:11:25

On long journeys we have a bag of picture books, plus colouring in stuff, a magnet picture scene (which is brilliant but came from friend in Australia), and small toys to play with. Audio - you could try the Hello Children Everywhere CD, or what about Paddington?

We never use the iPad and this kind of thing has kept DD going on some very long car journeys (7+ hours).

Artandco Fri 09-Sep-16 12:15:31

It's 30 mins, can't he just listen to radio and look out window and rest?

RachelElise Mon 03-Oct-16 12:24:59

Thanks both, sorry to take so long to acknowledge - internet issues struck! I've happened upon a travel puzzle game which helps. That and I'm forcing him to talk to me about his day!!

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