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Has anyone got any experience working with Womans Aid?

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Vulty Thu 08-Sep-16 09:03:13

I'm not sure what topic this thread should be under so I hope this is okay.

I'll try to keep this short. My daughters dad was emotionally abusive, (he only hit me once, but has assaulted my Mum and brother). He has never had any interest in my daughter, tried to get me to abort her. He assaulted my Mum when she was 3 weeks old and I ended it because I couldnt take any more. I had only just turned 18 and he had me so messed up. I would meet him once a week to he could see my daughter but each time he showed no interest. I had to cut him off altogether, I was putting myself and daughter in danger meeting up alone with him, and if things weren't on his terms the abuse started. Eventually I couldn't leave the house. I used to have very bad social phobia and had just overcome it in the past year. When I went out I got abuse from his family, and I was scared he would try steal my baby like he had threatened. One day he did, he marched up and tried to take her from me, I called the police and he got the cells overnight.

He took me to court and won contact in a contact center every fortnight supervised. After only one block of 6 weeks it's went up to every week. His reports are all good, but my daughter would play with anyone, there is so many toys in that place. He hasn't paid me maintenence. I am fighting for that now. He has told his solicitor that he now wants contact to take place outside the center and I am terrified. He cannot be trusted with a child. When she was 2 weeks old she was sick on his and he shook her and swore at her. It kills me the thought of him with her never mind unsupervised.

I spoke with someone at womans aid and they were shocked. I was told that the courts clearly don't understand how serious this is, even though I told my solicitor everything, I was ordered to attend mediation with the person I fear most. I am meeting with womans aid tomorrow and I am so scared. He does this to control me, and they're letting it happen. He has pulled the wool over their eyes and said he has changed. But only last week he abused his current gf. Someone like that never changes.

Has anyone ever had help from Womans Aid? I don't know where else to tur in this nightmare.

worldsworstchildren Thu 06-Oct-16 22:48:52

I don't have any real advice lovely but didn't want to read and run. It might be worth asking MN to put it into relationships so you get more replies.
I was there many moons ago though with abusive ex and I promise there is light at the end of the tunnel. Women's Aid will be your first step towards that light flowers

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