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car insurance rant -fyi

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ShesGottaTicket2Ride Wed 07-Sep-16 10:52:36

briefly - waiting in a queue at a junction.. was sideswiped by driver overtaking me on hash marks (residential area). The police attended (at my request - as they were driving by), it was clearly the fault of OTHER driver... no witnesses but I took plenty of pics.

I contacted insurance co .. thought it was over. Insurance company (DL) dithered and dithered, I had to call THEM numerous times, they never explained their procedures, I was told that the other driver said it was MY fault... and then I received (yearly) renewal docs to find that my premium had gone up by £400!!! (nearly double the original premium)

Moral of the story: get a dash cam... keep a diary of all contact with insurance company. Sadly, in spite of the nice customer service rep (with the lovely Scottish accent), I am not sure that my insurance company is actually working for ME....

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