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WWYD If hurt by a lifelong friend

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charliegumabubblegum Tue 06-Sep-16 08:35:34

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Hi! I don't have many regrets or upsets in life but I cannot get over the hurt and bitterness of being betrayed and belittled on a daily basis by an ex best friend.
We had been friends since primary school and when a close circle of friends of hers moved away, her mother had suggested to my mum that we meet up and could become close friends. We did this and were inseparable for years- fast forward to our 20's,we moved in together, and not long after she got with a bloke who already had a girlfriend, swiflty, and with failed secrecy, moved him in. I had noticed. I also noticed my share of rent and bills hadn't reduced, but the communication and even the decency to pass the time of day from her had. An intense feeling to always put a man before anything a complete lack of backbone and a tendency for selfishness and being easily led, resulted in a massive row, me telling her exactly what I thought of her and what she had done to me and me leaving without anything I had paid for in the house! The circle of friends shunned me and sided with her and she's never told the truth about what actually happened. I'm very strong as a person and built a new life completely. years down the line, I've met a great guy had a baby, and out of the blue received a huge bouquet of flowers from her- some might say she's reaching out to me- but surely a knock on the door and a face to face apology is what I really need- maybe I'm missing the point, I miss her , but I'm overwhelmingly angry, what to do, that's what I don't know!

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