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Re: Housing. What can I do?

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AllegraAlmond Mon 05-Sep-16 22:04:29

Hi, im looking for some advice please. I hope i've put this in the right place. A bit long as don't want to drip feed.
When i was 38 weeks pregnant I had to move back in with DM and her partner in a 2 up 2 down. DS is now 3m old.
I moved in on a temp basis as DP had a hidden drug problem. Bills/rent went out of my account (i have learnt my lesson) and he stoppes contributing. I couldn't afford and landlord allowes us to move out aslong as we paid rent till he found new tenants. I spent every penny i had paying the rent so i wouldnt break tenancy. New tenants now in.
I signed onto the council but they deleted my application so i cannot bid on houses. I applied for private renting but failed the credit check. I have had a meeting with shelter who refered me onwards but i have heard nothing since.
I have bad mental health and have been in and out of hospital for psychosis and was under a perinatal psychitrist. My DM has helped me all she can but I have to be out by 1st oct. I have no idea where im going to go. My anxiety is through the roof. I cant live with my mum long term but i need to live near her as she helps me in my daily living. Can anyone offer any advice?

Livedandlearned Tue 06-Sep-16 06:35:47

First stop is the council to ask why they deleted your application, because without the council or a housing association you are unlikely to find a house. You need to get as many letters from doctor and midwife, MH support you cam to help your application.

Good luck OP

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