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Kicked off netmums! :(

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Anne1988 Mon 05-Sep-16 16:52:20

Hi all I'm new to mums net after being an active daily member for over 5 years sad they ban me for telling a women she was in the wrong for supporting her husband after he was arrested for having indecent images of child pornograpyhy found on his laptop ! I'm disgusted so hope you guys done mind having me smile I'm 27 mother to three daughters in South Wales xx

bearleftmonkeyright Mon 05-Sep-16 16:58:41

Their loss op! I've never been on netmums and I don't think I would last long if you get kicked off for that. Bunch of Twats. BTW you can swear here and everything grin

Anne1988 Mon 05-Sep-16 17:01:38

Lol it's pretty harsh on there ! Cant swear lol! And you get a warning if you don't agree with child abuse I will not be returning to netmums after that
This site looks fab smile and easier to use than I thought
Thankyou smile x

RainbowCake Mon 05-Sep-16 17:02:00

Welcome Anne. Totally their loss as well as swearing you can actually have your own opinion over here.wink

ReggaeShark Mon 05-Sep-16 17:05:50

Passed by Nethuns on my way here. Got sparkle rage at the first page and didnt get any further.

originalmavis Mon 05-Sep-16 17:09:34

And you get a warning if you don't agree with child abuse

Eh? What??

Anne1988 Mon 05-Sep-16 17:12:29

Yep I kept staring my opinion that child abuse in any form was disgusting and got kicked off for not being supportive to the lady who took her husband back after he was arrested !
It's like you can't voice your opinions at all how I can I give advice to women /mother who can't see the wrong in that! Madness!
I told her to leave him ect but that advice was apparently unsupportive

originalmavis Mon 05-Sep-16 17:19:38

Ah well, leave them to their fluffy rainbow unicorns.

fortifiedwithtea Mon 05-Sep-16 17:26:25

You got kicked off Net Huns, I would wear that as a badge of honour grin

Here you can say LTB that is Leave The Bastard. Considered a normal response on Mumsnet wink

originalmavis Mon 05-Sep-16 17:34:59

I can top that.

I got banned from the beanie baby website many moons ago. I upset the beanie babies apparently. They didn't like the words 'rip off'. They didn't come and get me though.

Anne1988 Mon 05-Sep-16 17:36:11


ditavonteesed Mon 05-Sep-16 17:44:55

hey mavis, there's nothing wrong with fluffy rainbow unicorns. It's better here anyway.

originalmavis Mon 05-Sep-16 17:46:46

Only if they shit glitter...

Lolimax Mon 05-Sep-16 17:47:09

Welcome on board. Another Welsh person lol!

SlinkyVagabond Mon 05-Sep-16 17:47:46

πŸ…here ya go.

Anne1988 Mon 05-Sep-16 17:49:03

Lol thanks x

WaitrosePigeon Mon 05-Sep-16 17:49:19


RachelLL92 Mon 05-Sep-16 17:49:45

Welcome smile

UmbongoUnchained Mon 05-Sep-16 17:52:31

I am also a previously banned nethun. And I think one more warning and I might be out here too shock

Sarahanne1988x Mon 05-Sep-16 17:53:25

Oh dear ha ha !!

situatedknowledge Mon 05-Sep-16 17:53:27

As well as swearing, we hand out flowers and wine just for starters. Welcome.

Sarahanne1988x Mon 05-Sep-16 18:02:56


CalmItKermitt Mon 05-Sep-16 18:06:33

Ooh let's have a link to the thread OP!!

user7755 Mon 05-Sep-16 18:08:18

Sounds like the person who was on here a bit back, the post disappeared because she got flamed

PepsiPenguin Mon 05-Sep-16 18:11:22

Yuck NetHuns.... All that twee bullshit and PA bitching is fine, but disagreeing oh no can't be doing that confused

And all that πŸ’–πŸ’˜πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’ž shite yuck yuck

Welcome to the dark side OP wine

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