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Help! Bride to be with a BIG problem!

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Claribelle21 Sun 28-Aug-16 22:27:17

Dear fellow mumsneters!

I've never posted anything before but I am DESPERATE and need to quiz you ladies for ANY ideas that may help!!! I'm due to get married in a few weeks and my head...or more specifically scalp has decided NOW is the time to go mental! Out of nowhere I have an itchy scalp covered in red patches and I've no idea what to do. It has been with me now for 3 weeks and hasn't responded to anything. I'm now taking antihistamines and ibruprofen regularly to calm it down. I've tried T-Gel shampoo and nothing is helping. I went to the GP who was rubbish and prescribed me a medicated shampoo which again so far is changing nothing. I been checked for various bugs and there's no viable critters in there. Has ANYONE suffered something similar?

I've got a month for this to sort itself out! And in that month I have hair trials and highlights booked. I'm miserable!!! FFS I've NEVER had anything like this before!!!! And it choses NOW to rock up!

I just want to hear that someone has some secret remedy that they can suggest that will send it packing.

Anyone any ideas?

RoosterCogburn Sun 28-Aug-16 22:32:30

L'Oreal Elvive for men anti dandruff shampoo - the black and orange bottle

It cured my scalp and I recommended it to a friend (with the same problem) and it worked for her too.

emazinglol Sun 28-Aug-16 22:32:46

I had scalp problems after my first DC went and got this, it is pricey but helped massively and no chemicals which interfered with my highlights -
Hope it calms down for your big day 😊

RoosterCogburn Sun 28-Aug-16 22:33:46

Posted too soon - I now use it every third wash and my scalp is fine - I went on holiday and forgot to take some with me and at the end of 10 days my scalp was flaring up again.
Came home, used the shampoo and within a week went back to clear and lovely.

Omygiddyaunt Sun 28-Aug-16 22:41:42

Could it be a stress reaction do you think? I used to be prone to eczema and I swear by Alphosyl shampoo. You can get at Boots or Amazon. Doesn't smell great but does the trick after using for a few days. Good luck for your big day

NyronNosworthy Sun 28-Aug-16 22:45:20

Body shop ginger shampoo, clears mine up really quickly

Claribelle21 Sun 28-Aug-16 22:46:21

You lovely lot! I really appreciate the leads. Omygiddyaunt it maybe...but I've never expressed stress like this before....having said which my body ain't like it was BC! I've no idea what it's up to!

MuggleWuggle Sun 28-Aug-16 22:48:28

I have had problem scalp for years, rotating shampoos, trying lots of different things- sometimes would be ok for a bit then crusty and flaky- lovely! Not sure if you've got the same but mine is like baby cradle cap. Any way after a lot of online research I gave Nizoral a try- used it as per instructions for about 3 consecutive shampoos then once every 2-3 weeks and it's completely cleared up.
Hope it, or something, works for you.

BearFoxBear Sun 28-Aug-16 22:51:53

Nioxin is amazing (expensive though!) - I had serious scalp problems just after I had my son and my hairdresser recommended this. It sorted me right out. I still have the occasional issues and use Dr organic aloe Vera shampoo and conditioner to keep it in check.

Hope you get it sorted!!

CurbsideProphet Sun 28-Aug-16 23:00:57

I have dermatitis (sebherroiac - can't spell! and peri oral) on face and scalp. I saw a Dermatologist about it and he recommended Dermax Medicated Shampoo (comes in a purple and yellow box). You can get it on prescription, but my GP refuses because it is too expensive. I buy it for £10 from the pharmacy. It is kept behind the counter.

My Dermatologist always said I should be careful with what medicated shampoo I used. Some are v harsh and will just strip the top layer, which makes it more sore and keeps the cycle going. An example of this is that poly tar one. Smells awful and can make it worse.

It sounds extreme, but I used to sleep wearing thin cotton gloves in case I scratched my head in my sleep. I find mine is better if I wash it with Dermax every day, as that prevents grease building up and irritating the sore patches of skin.

If you are really desperate and can afford it, I would see a Dermatologist privately (NHS would take too long). That way you would know for definite what the irritation is and how best to treat it. For example, I also take the anti biotic Lymecycline when my dermatitis flares up.

You can definitely sort it in a month though try to avoid using lots of different treatments, as that could make it more sore.

Good luck!

Claribelle21 Sun 28-Aug-16 23:01:28

BearFoxBear.....if I did go for Nioxin can you tell me which one? There's hundreds.

Thanks again everyone for your suggestions...glad I'm not on my tod! Cx

Claribelle21 Sun 28-Aug-16 23:04:58

Thank you CurbsideProphet. I'm generally blessed with an absolutely trouble free scalp (I know I'm lucky) so this is totally out of the blue! I'd love to see a dermatologist. I have to say I think my scalp is more angry after the prescribed shampoo my GP gave me. It's tricky like you say to not try too many! But time is short! Thank you so much for your advice.

traviata Sun 28-Aug-16 23:10:47

Whatever shampoo you choose, make sure it has no SLS in it. (Sodium Laureth Sulphate). SLS is in nearly all shampoo and body wash and soap products, as well as toothpaste, and it can cause sudden and persistent reactions like this.

Try a health food shop for SLS-free shampoo, I buy Dr Organic from Holland & Barrett.

Collarsandcutoffs Sun 28-Aug-16 23:17:20

Ugh at the not very subtle GP bashing on here.

Your GP wasn't 'rubbish'. They prescribed you a reasonable first line treatment- if it doesn't help you can always go back and tell them that.

And CurbsideProphet your GP 'refused' to issue a treatment that you can buy over the counter for a tenner. Good. Glad someone is actually attempting to stop the stream of demands on the NHS for medication that can be bought quite reasonably without a prescription.


BearFoxBear Sun 28-Aug-16 23:27:18

Sorryop, I can't remember. There's a consultation tool on their website which might help you decide though!

Also, good on the gp recommending OTC treatments - the amount of money wasted on OTC available prescriptions is shocking.

Claribelle21 Sun 28-Aug-16 23:29:25

Collarsandcutoffs jeez.....thank you for your help. In reference to 'rubbish' had you been in the consultation with me you would understand that her assessment and interest was minimal. I'm sure her clinical reasoning was acceptable and I followed her first line advice but when summarising it for a mumsnet post that is how it came out. I've worked with Drs myself for years and know a good one! I have many friends who are Drs so please don't take this as some anti medic/NHS rant. I was just looking for some friendly advice. 😞

tireddotcom72 Sun 28-Aug-16 23:29:30

Nizoral shampoo clears my scalp up really quickly x dr prescribed it for me

Cloeycat Sun 28-Aug-16 23:32:55

I quite regularly suffer from Ezcema on my scalp (normally accompanied with Ezcema all over my face as well) and have in the past been perscribed all sorts of medicated shampoos, none of which worked. Eventually tried head and shoulders and for some reason it cleared it up after about 3 washes. Couldn't believe that a regular supermarket brand could help when others didn't but certainly not complaining. Another bit of advice which is gonna sound conflicting. Don't leave you scalp wet for too long but also try not to dry your hair with a high heat as the both can irritate it, I try to dry my hair with medium or low heat on my hairdryer. Same when washing, use warn rather then hot water. And hardest part of all, try not to itch.

Claribelle21 Sun 28-Aug-16 23:36:50

tireddotcom72 and Cloeycat....huge thanks. Really grateful for your advice!

CurbsideProphet Mon 29-Aug-16 09:42:48

Collars I wasn't bashing my GP. I don't have an issue with paying myself. I used the word "refused" because the Consultant wrote to the GP with the treatment plan and the GP said no. Although it is available on prescription (ie. it is kept with the prescription only medications), my GP will not prescribe it.

The poor OP is getting married in a month and wants to sort out her sore scalp. If you don't have advice it is rather rude and nasty to post on her thread with the sole intention of complaining about the wording of her posts (and mine!). You must know that is not helpful and will only upset/offend.

Collarsandcutoffs Mon 29-Aug-16 10:24:48

The OP has had loads of advice

And actually I feel perfectly entitled to point out the turn of phrases used which bashes GPs. It happens all the time and it is that attitude that is part of the issue the NHS has. People oh so quick to criticise Gps for managing a budget or for suggesting a treatment but then they are 'rubbish' if it doesn't instantly work.
Just because a medicine is available on prescription doesn't mean it isn't a better option that the patient buys it. The NHS doesn't have unlimited resources.

TragicallyUnbeyachted Mon 29-Aug-16 10:31:45

And Curbside suggested that the NHS had unlimited resources where, exactly? If her consultant asked her GP to prescribe something and the GP refused it doesn't seem unreasonable to use the word "refused".

If my children ask me for yet another biscuit and I refuse it isn't "mum-bashing" if someone says that I refused.

TeaPleaseLouise Mon 29-Aug-16 10:37:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CurbsideProphet Mon 29-Aug-16 10:51:33

Collars I'm guessing you work for the NHS. Lots of my friends and family do. I'm not an eejit and do know that the NHS is stretched.

I have worked in Social Service and education, both of which are constantly criticised on Mumsnet and the internet in general. I don't stress myself with launching on every thread to pick up on every turn of phrase, as it would become v wearing.

Again I will reiterate: the OP is getting married and has a sore scalp. She wants to get it sorted and didn't feel that the GP inspected her scalp properly to work out what is causing the soreness. That's not bashing GPs as a whole.

With all due respect, you need to stop creating things to be offendes about.

Claribelle I really hope you get your scalp sorted and enjoy the next month of wedding excitement smile flowers wine

hedwig2001 Mon 29-Aug-16 10:52:46

I had a similar problem. Tried lots of medicated shampoos. Nothing helped, until I started to use a shampoo with no SLS. Cured it quickly, never to return.

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