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Football In the Street

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Shanti1973 Fri 26-Aug-16 10:02:09

Hi everyone,

New to the board and looking for some advice. We moved into our new house last August, and lots of the neighbours came out and said 'welcome to our lovely quiet little close', because up untl that point, it was. However, a family moved in across the road who had come from a completely different area. Their son who is 10 started making friends with lots of the local kids (no issue with that), and slowly but surely they all started coming into the close to play. Again, no issue with that.

However, with most of them being boys, they started playing football. What started as just a kick about quickly progressed to a full on tournament. Them playing a bit of football wasn't necessarily an issue, but when they started getting more and more full on, it progressed to every house becoming part of their pitch. Windows, cars, running all over gardens (not one of them knocks to ask, they just help themselves). Their parents are just happy to have them outside. I am happy seeing kids playing too, but they were getting silly, so I went out to have a word with them about being careful. Nothing changed. I asked again and spoke to them about them having some respect about other people's property, but nothing changed. Then more and more kids come into the street. Only two of them actually live in the street. It's a tiny close. More football, more mayhem. When you have 15-20 kids all battering your street it does start to grind. I've been nice, I've had to shout, and I spent the other day outside for 15 minutes talking to them about damage they could cause, being respectful of other people's houses and cars, that it could them to get hurt as it's a busy estate. I thought I'd finally got through to them (tried speaking to the parents, they just don't care). Now (and most definitely encouraged from their parents), they are calling friends of freinds or freinds and yesterday we had a whole street of kids.

There is a park 30 seconds away, but they say they find it boring, or there are other older kids there. I ask why can't one of your parents take you then, no answer. I asked one why don't you ask your mum if you can play outside your house with all of these other children. He said 50/50 if she would say yes. One said 'my mum said I can do what I like', so I asked if she was happy getting a bill for damages when this happens. Why can't they play in their own streets? Because their parents seem to find it amusing to crank it up here and cause as many issues as possible. The football continues, the kids are growing in numbers. It's only a matter of time before one of them gets hurt, but no matter what you say (and I spent an age with them talking), they just don't care.

I'm not trying to spoil their fun, it's good to have kids playing out. But when they do it in numbers just to wind us up, it shows the mentality of these parents who just want the kids out of the house, not in their hair, and not in their gardens. We have to take it instead. Any advice? Sorry for the long post.....

MerylPeril Fri 26-Aug-16 10:15:12

Have you actually spoken to one of their parents. Just because they say their parents say it's fine doesn't mean they've really said that. if you go and tell them cars and windows are being hit they might have a different reaction!

Shanti1973 Fri 26-Aug-16 10:45:44

I did yes, they live opposite and can see everything going on. The other boy (who really is cheeky with no manners at all), is on the corner, and again, she sees everything going on. I've talked to them, they don't care.

It's a case of, get them up, get them out, don't come back and bother us. They have heard me go out several times and talk to the children in a group about the issues, not one parent of these children will come out and do anything. I'm parenting the whole street. Thankfully, I'm at work in the day so don't see it, but they make a concerted effort in the evening to be as noisy and problematic as possible. The other kids live elsewhere on the estate so I can't contact their parents. I did ask one to ask his mum if they could play in his street and check their neighbours are all OK with them kicking the ball around, and he won't, because he knows the answer would be no. So they pick our street because of this one family, who have no issues with their kids doing exactly what they like, when they want. This mum doesn't work (dad does), and she doesn't go anywhere, stays in all day every day, just sends them out.

Very frustrating when you work hard to have a nice house, a car that works, and picked a nice 'quiet' close because all the residents said it was, till now. sad

MerylPeril Fri 26-Aug-16 10:48:08

Disaster! Have you tried the council. We had no football signs erected in out street many years ago after someone complained.

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