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Anyone ener done life modelling?

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Madoldcatlady Mon 29-Jan-07 19:16:30

I just read about it on AOL news,(How to make money by selling your body!) and something about it appeals to me.

I'm not sure why. Maybe just to say I've done it before I get too old and wrinkly!

FIL is an artist and regularly paints nudes. I'm not suggesting I'd pose for him, but I remember him saying how totally un-sexual it is. You are painting a subject that also happens to be a person.

Any way, I'm far from perfect, size12/14 and mother of 3 with all the wear and tear you would expect at 34 but I might just find out more.

Apparently you can get about £12 an hour for sitting on your bum looking wistful! Sounds like my kind of job.

Am I mad or would you give it a go?

Jzee Mon 29-Jan-07 19:21:28

Yes, but it was a many moons ago when I had a much better figure!
I did it for a posh art school in Kensington it's ok if you don't mind exposing everything and being scrutinised at the same time! Oh and it can be a bit chilli!!

Madoldcatlady Mon 29-Jan-07 19:24:38

They don't always want perfect bodies though do they? Mine could prove more of a challenge than a taut lean one! More shadows and wrinkles!

How did you feel the first time? And how long before you relaxed and forgot you were naked in a room of strangers?

shonaspurtle Mon 29-Jan-07 19:41:09

I quite fancied this (easy money, short hours) but mentioned it to dh who flipped and forbade me from taking it any further...

Of course we then had an enormous row about who the hell he thought he was to forbid me from doing anything .

I haven't taken it any further but due to lazyness mainly. Still don't get dh's objection. Not a rational response imo.

hermykne Mon 29-Jan-07 19:43:31

oh god, this reminds me of college, i was an art student, and the giddiness of 18/19 year olds.
evening classses probably bring out the voyeurs. but my friend di d it and had no qualms about her body or the situation.

good luck

hermykne Mon 29-Jan-07 19:43:33

oh god, this reminds me of college, i was an art student, and the giddiness of 18/19 year olds.
evening classses probably bring out the voyeurs. but my friend di d it and had no qualms about her body or the situation.

good luck

Madoldcatlady Mon 29-Jan-07 19:50:50

Now that's what really got me thinking hermykne.
I said in a light hearted way "ooh life modelling! I'd love to do that but you'd hate it wouldn't you?" To which DH said, "no if you want to do it, then go for it!"

Not the response I expected at all. He's very private and I might even say prudish.


Madoldcatlady Mon 29-Jan-07 19:51:44

Sorry, that should have been addressed to shonaspurtle (love the name).

ItsMeMellowma Mon 29-Jan-07 19:53:04

hahahaha NEVER!!! [b;ush]

ItsMeMellowma Mon 29-Jan-07 19:53:32

oops [flustered]

Madoldcatlady Mon 29-Jan-07 20:10:28

Why not Mellowma? They don't know you and you are just like a bowl of fruit or a bottle of wine!
(I know that sounds stupid but they'e drawing you, not touching you or taking photo's)

I think I'd get quite a buzz out of it. So long as I didn't look at their pictures after!

Madoldcatlady Mon 29-Jan-07 20:11:51

Ha,Ha Mellowma, was that a Freudian slip that you typed[bush] are you getting all het up at the thought of nudity!LOL

shonaspurtle Mon 29-Jan-07 21:39:10

MOCL - your dh is much saner than mine obviously! We have talked about it since and he can't even articulate why it would bother him .

Nightynight Mon 29-Jan-07 22:40:33

when I was an art student, I was concentrating on my drawing, and I never fancied any of the models. Bet most of the men did, though - you only have to study famous paintings to see in which direction their thoughts are going!

ItsMeMellowma Tue 30-Jan-07 07:58:54


I am a HUGE prude...I catch sight of myself in in the mirror and blush...and all the cellulite wobbling around!! and I am so WHITE!!!!!

No, not for are very brave

noddyholder Tue 30-Jan-07 08:01:40

many moons ago when young and gorgeous unfortunately now I would look awful but it is good money for doing v little

Madoldcatlady Tue 30-Jan-07 08:16:05

Well to date I've never even sunbathed topless! So I'm not such a exhibitionist.
Will my local college think I'm a perv if I ring up and say, "Good morning, erm, do you need anyone to strip naked for your students?"

Thinking about it last night and looking at my wares in the mirror, it might just make me do some sit ups and shave my legs once in a while. Perhaps that's why DH was keen for me to give it a go!

Madoldcatlady Tue 30-Jan-07 08:17:23

I found an advert on a life modelling site. They were looking for an "exceptionally fair" model, just the job for you Mellowma.

lucykate Tue 30-Jan-07 08:21:44

dh teaches life drawing to illustration degree students, they're always stuck for models. where abouts are you?, we are in the east midlands.

lucykate Tue 30-Jan-07 08:22:48

and no, you don't need to have a perfect body. in fact, a perfect body is actually quite boring to draw.

Madoldcatlady Tue 30-Jan-07 20:45:10

OOh Lucykate! I got all excited for a second then. I'm in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.
I think the travelling expenses would more than wipe out the fee!
I have a friend making enquiries at Huddersfield Uni for me. She thinks I'm bonkers BTW!

Rosylily Tue 30-Jan-07 21:19:37

I have been in many a lifeclass, mostly on the artists side of it. I did pose nude 15 years ago when's not as easy as it looks, staying in one position for any length of time, bits of you goes to sleep, you have to be really carefull what position you commit yourself to, you actually have to concentrate and be really still and calm and focused!

On the artist side of it, the older, uglier and wrinklier the model, the better imo...a body that's been lived in..much more interesting!

Go for it I say!

Madoldcatlady Tue 30-Jan-07 21:30:53

Thanks all of you for your replies.I'm pleasantly surprised that so many of you have done it, even thogh you all say it was years ago! I wish I'd done it when I was pregnant Rosylily, That would have been amazing.

I'll let you know what happens then'

page24 Sat 09-Apr-16 04:03:12

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