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Scooter stolen and damaged

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Sutcliffes5 Sat 06-Aug-16 23:57:42

My son's scooter was stolen by a kid on my street. This kid tried to sand the paint off so he could spray paint the scooter a different colour and hide the fact it was my son's. He even bought different wheels of a girl on the street to change its look. The back story is this kid from down the road was a fantastic polite young man who is now entering teens. I often say hello to his mom and him along with other family members. Rumors started about 2 weeks ago that a different boy had thrown it into a bunch of brambles. After having ds look for it and not finding it, I went to look for it. I couldn't find it in the local brambles. On my way back home (living on a very long Cul de sac) i passed the children who were accused and asked one politely if they simply knew anything about it; she instantly denied having any knowledge on the situation. Let's say these kids are touching preteen years now 3 boys and a girl who regularly throw their weight around with the younger 5-9 year olds on the street. The matter was left and my son didn't seem all too bothered about it much to my frustration at the loss of a £35 scooter i bought for Christmas. This evening the girl who said she had no knowledge of the situation told my son (within ear shot of me) that this boy had taken his scooter, sanded it down, changed the wheels and gave it to his very young brother. I asked my son to go straight to the boys house and tell his mom what he has been told and to ask if she knew anything. The mother denied any knowledge. I then pressured the girl an hour later to escort my son back down the road and tell the mother what she had been told by the boy who stole the scooter. Apparently he told his mother he had bought the scooter off this girl and this is the same girl that sold him the wheels. The girl was very very reluctant to take my son to the mom. I can only assume this means she was complacent and sold the wheels knowing what the boy was doing to my son's scooter. It suddenly became common knowledge through all the kids on the road that this boy had my son's scooter and what he had done. Eventually my son came back home with his scooter and his wheels put back on. The mother apparently still claimed to know nothing other than he bought the scooter from the girl and she was very sorry. Now when do I speak to the mother about this. As I understand or assume she probably doesn't realise that her son stole it from our garden as a bit of revenge (stone throwing and fighting took place within the month before this took place but I put this down to normal playing getting out of hand and everything seemed to calm down) he lied to his mom and was intending on repainting my son's scooter to keep as his own. One child who's nearly preteen told me he rides the scooter when we are out... So she thinks he got this scooter from the girl and was just freshening it up to make his own. How the hell do I even start to talk to the mom about this. I've never had a problem with her but obviously we have two outcomes, he gets a talking to an learns the error of his ways and hopefully somehow the problem is sorted or the mother refuses to understand the situation her son has caused and denies it... I still can't believe this child would be capable of such a thing and I'm sure his mom would be thinking the same. To make the situation far worse the boy is on holiday with his dad and we cannot get his story/excuse until he gets back. The girl is already scared she will be blamed (she clearly knew and was dying to tell the truth) all of the kids on the street are afraid of the mom and seem to know what this boy did and all seemed to add 'hes a bully' to the conversation when they popped in with a ' oh yeah, I knew he had DS's scooter'. Do I talk to all parent? Any advice at all will be welcome thanks

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