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36mum Fri 05-Aug-16 13:00:37

I see it alot on here where a MIL has acted unbelievably and the son (DH) doesn't react.

I'm in a situation like this now but I'm more upset by his non reaction now than what MIL actually did. It's so frustrating. 

My DH still wants a relationship with her and his excuse is that she's always been like that. He can't see that I need to feel protected. All he sees is me pushing my point across and him just agreeing to shut me up. Im now being painted as the bad one by thinking it wrong for him to continue speaking to her as if nothing had happened, if DH and MIL had their way she would of stayed with us for a whole week even though they know I'm not happy. Some people have no shame. I'm confused, hurt and ashamed that I'm being treated like this. But I'm also proud of myself for standing up for my family which includes DH.

Just needed to let off a bit of steam.

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