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Failed the driving test.... again

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Monipop84 Thu 04-Aug-16 13:09:57

Background: I was raised on a tiny island with no cars, no one in my family drives... but since we moved to Oxfordshire, it's become imperative I get driving as it would make life so much easier! Of course, being 30 and with no ingrained road sense, I took longer to learn. I think I took the first two driving tests when I wasn't ready, even if my instructor pushed me to try. The third I got nervous, but wasn't too bad overall. Today I really felt I would nail it.... the hour before the test was great, I drove beautifully, all manouvres OK... I was calm during the test, we got to the test centre and I was thinking "this is it!"... only to find that I had failed with three minors, because the examiner thought I had changed lanes at one point without checking enough.... :S

I have spent so much money on driving tests and lessons and I feel I will never pass... so depressed right now. :9 Everyone says keep trying but I am just so disheartened. Any advice for a mature learner?

Youvegottobekidding Thu 11-Aug-16 11:56:03

Don't despair & don't give up, you have come too far to give up!

I'm 40+ & have been learning for just over a year, finally plucked up the courage to learn (no encouragement from parents when younger). I wish I learned at 17, but I didn't & now it's probably taking me longer to learn. Some lessons I feel I'm not getting anywhere - I'm crap at manoueuvers. I failed my first test as I mucked up a reverse around a left corner, I got it around the corner, just more to the other side of the curb! There's a long waiting time at our local test centre so I've got to wait a while until a take my 2nd test.

You'll get there, everyone does. Hubby says to me, it's just 40 mins, 40 mins to change the rest of your life & you've done it. It's sounds as though you're more than capable of passing, so you can do it.

Fingers & toes crossed for next time. I've heard taking Kalms for a couple of weeks before your test help with nerves.

J0kersSmile Thu 11-Aug-16 12:08:33

Just keep going or it really will have been a waste of money.

I passed third time and tbh I only passed because my manoeuvre was a turn in the road. Now I've been driving a couple of years my parallel Parks and reverses around the corners are shit hot but it took time and driving on my own to sort it out.

Lidlfix Thu 11-Aug-16 20:52:01

I see your 3 tests and raise you to a lucky 7. Please find some fuck it spirit and keep going.

I too had the "clearly not ready" tests. Followed by the i can't do this tests. Then the driving fine reverses like she's wearing a blindfold.

The theory test was about to be introduced and I thought "grand, another fucker to fail". Sat what I'd decided would be last test (22 by this stage , learning to drive off and on since 17). Passed.

Went on to have 4 DDs in 6 years not long after- would have been hell if I couldn't drive .

Sympathy and good luck

Youvegottobekidding Fri 12-Aug-16 11:42:39

Monipop84 - do you have someone to take you out for practice? I drive with hubby - sometimes it's good practice, other times it's not so great & he can put me of a bit as he comes across as an asshole - he's so picky, but I know he's only like that cos he's trying to 'teach' in a way that going to help me pass my test.

Lidlfix has it right - we need to find that 'fuck it' spirit 😃 Or at least I do - how come other people can do this & I can't?!!!

Trying to reverse round left corner, going uphill slightly on my last two lessons - was like we were in a bloody giant yo yo!! Goodness knows what it looked like on test - no wonder examiner told me to stop & drive on 😂!!

Pinklemonade16 Thu 15-Sep-16 17:47:10

How you lady's getting on now? Failed my 2nd test today and I'm so annoyed with myself as it really was going so well hmm first time failed reversing round a corner, today it was a hillstart..!! Turns out I'm crap at manoeuvres, apart from 3 point turn love that one lol. Anyway feeling pretty crap and pockets are feeling right sad

youvegottobekidding Tue 20-Sep-16 19:50:22

Sorry Pickle, 3rd time lucky eh?

Oh god, I've got my 2nd soon & judging by my last lesson im set to fail, I just couldn't do a bloody reverse around a frigging corner uphill!! I mean am I ever going to do that anyway once I'm driving, NO I wont!

It looks like DD (12) will get her licence before me!

I feel like an idiot in the car with my instructor - it's a car, the driver controls it, but how come I can't control my manoeuvres? FFS some people make it look so easy! 😕

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