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Does anybody remember this blog?!

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Hello- I know this is a bit weird, but I'm hoping somebody else will remember a funny blog- around 2008-10, called something like 'I love Ian this much' - by a new mum in North London with a little girl 'baby E'- about life, work, babies, trying to renovate a house, but irreverent and funny and brought to life by her being a cartoonist too- it was really excellent, chaotic and truthful and funny. Eventually they had a second baby, a boy- and I think daily life got too demanding to keep the blog going. but for a while she was being recommended for awards and stuff and I'm certain I found the link to her on Mumsnet. For a while there the blog was really special to me- I had PND at the time- it was one of the only things tha I connected with and laughed at.

Oh anyway- I'm dying to know if she and Ian are still somewhere- so if anybody remembers a blog 'I love Ian this much' or similar- please let me know! I've tried google....nothing crops up. Thankyou!!

lurkingfromhome Tue 02-Aug-16 18:12:35

Yes! I think the one you're remembering is Whoopee, written by Antonia Cornwell (daughter of author Bernard). It was hilarious and her illustrations were really something. It was very funny indeed (I remember they had a habit of dressing the little kids up to look a bit ridiculous - putting fake moustaches on the newborn baby and so on - that really made me laugh). I think I discovered it quite late but spent about two days reading several years' worth of posts until I'd caught up.

I'd forgotten all about that blog until you reminded me there. Might have to go and have a look to see if she ever came back to it.

Lurking!! You are a marvel! There's a tiny internet trail that agreed with you, about her name and the blog title. It's all been taken down though, so perhaps she got tired of being on show. I'm glad enough to be reminded of her name, I can look out for her in the future. I wish I could be as funny and true as she came across! Thankyou so much for answering me lovely X X DVIMRD

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