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So happy DD can talk to me...BUT

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twixxy Thu 28-Jul-16 18:04:59

After she brought up the subject of periods when a classmate said something (they are 8) we had the chat and I bought her a book aimed at younger girls which she really likes. She seems really chilled about the whole thing and happy to talk openly about it...which is great. Although perhaps starting an in-depth discussion of how to use pads, showing me all the pictures in the book and asking all sorts of questions about it would have been better without the (young male) estate agent taking measurements about a foot behind us. I did feel for him - he couldn't get out of here fast enough

BITCAT Fri 29-Jul-16 00:02:23

Sorry but that's soooo funny. Poor guy. My sons 17 and he really isn't fazed by it at all. But he has a 16 year old gf and a sister who goes through it so I guess he is used to it. He even went and showed his gf where we keep the pads, just in case she gets caught short. I bulk buy them and keep.loads in a set of plastic draws in the bathroom. My daughter is 14 and started her periods at 9.

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