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Feel like a loser mum

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Faz2015 Thu 14-Jul-16 13:17:07

Hi... Need some advise...
My dd joined her school this year in reception.. And not having attended school nursery I was quiet kneen on her to make friends... In the first term I invited a few of the girls over for play date, but they didn't reciprocate... My dd has also been invited to a handful of birthday parties during the whole year( while I'm aware there were many parties where she wasn't invited)...
I sent out her birthday invite to the class and only 4 responded:-(( rest not sure if they will attend or not...

3 weeks ago I suggested for a mins end of year dinner... And 11 mums confirmed buy lady night before dinner 9 of them cancelled...
I'm always suggesting to play dates but no one ever asks us over or suggests meet up... Now I feel like a complete loser... I have a big friend circle outside of school but I really wanted my dd to make some
Strong friendships in school... I feel like am I trying too hard?? Am I doing something wrong?? Not sure.. Just feel sad :-((as I know no one will come for play dates over summer..

Faz2015 Thu 14-Jul-16 13:18:26

Sorry for the typo... Posted from mobile x

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