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say somethign poncy about yourself - go on

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FluffyMummy123 Wed 24-Jan-07 13:47:16

Message withdrawn

Sobernow Tue 30-Jan-07 17:41:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BBWBabeLisa Tue 30-Jan-07 17:24:00

My dear friend said I was poncy for pouring Evian into my DD's beaker at toddler group the other day. I think I was justified on 2 counts...
1. It's on BOGOF in Tesco
2. the toddler group had Waitrose Soap in the toilets

NadineBaggott Tue 30-Jan-07 13:34:07


furcoatandnoknickers Tue 30-Jan-07 13:31:25

it is actually Tirnanog! Which is why I think it might count as poncy rather than snobby!!

tirnanog Tue 30-Jan-07 13:22:42

that sounds quite cool actually

furcoatandnoknickers Tue 30-Jan-07 13:18:29

Just remembered something vee poncy - i am a member of NADFAS - national association of decorative and fine arts socs. Along with all the grey haired old ladies!!

Anchovy Mon 29-Jan-07 11:36:17

LOL Thunderpants "And I thought... what a poncy family we've turned out!! My grandad would have laughed if he could see us. He lived on fags and rabbit brains on toast"

As did mine. And he would just wear a vest at the table when eating the aforesaid rabbit brains"...

When DS said to me last summer "Mummy, did we grow this rocket in the garden or did it come from Ocado" I swear I heard the distant rumble of my grandfather turning in his grave.

NappiesGalore Sun 28-Jan-07 00:44:48

lol lisa... loving the milosevic comment.

is the jan thread still going then?? i have commitment issues, me.... cant stay in one place too long or i get itchy, lol. maybe ill drop in sometime... good to 'see' you anyway

Nightynight Sat 27-Jan-07 23:41:20

interesting thread.

one of the first mn threads was about yoga in primrose hill, and I remember regarding it in awe and wondering if I had landed up in the wrong place.

Im now just looking round my sitting room and wondering if I am completely down to earth and not at all poncey, or if my ponciness is so deeply engrained, that I no longer recognise it as such.

eg I only drink real coffee, but thats just normal in europe, instant is a mere british disease. and the 100 year old Grimms Fairy Tales that dd has just read, is one I picked up as a child in a junk shop. and most of the oil paintings on my walls, I did myself in my art school period. and my children are going to teach themselves skiing on the hill opposite our house as soon as I can afford some skis for them. no, Im definitely not poncey (shudders at thought)

TravellingontheClaphamOmnibus Sat 27-Jan-07 23:15:03

I haven't been to a pub since I left university.

nearlythree Sat 27-Jan-07 23:11:00

I don't believe in sending four-yr-olds to school discos.

BBWBabeLisa Sat 27-Jan-07 23:09:33

Must add, that he was only allowed to watch TV if it was the news, and at the age of about 3 turned to me one day and said "that Milosevic is a b**tard you know!". So at least she wasn't the PERFECT parent!

FirstAtForty Sat 27-Jan-07 23:09:11

Puy lentils

Redbush tea

I find it deeply and irrationally annoying when poo is spelt with an 'h' on the end (unless referring to Winnie, obviously)

BBWBabeLisa Sat 27-Jan-07 23:02:06

Hiya Nappies! Where u been hiding? Not seen u on Jan babies in ages. How's the house coming along?? Anyway, sorry, I digress, back to ponciness, if my snobbery over the neon item doesn't count them I'm snookered.
Can think of lots of things members of my family have done that at the time I thought was pretty poncy, I'll just have to be poncy by association.
My kid brother (now 12, at the time 6) was over from Spain to have grommits put in and post-op was recovering in a suite in a Park Lane hotel (my step-mother chose carefully when she left my old-man) when I went to babysit him for the evening. When faced with the smorgasbord (sp?) on offer from the room service menu he requested carrots, broccoli and eggs. As a junk food addict who at the time would rather have walked over hot coals than eaten a vegetable I thought a 6 year old kid ordering that when he coulda had anything was the ultimate in poncy. Then, when I offered him a sweet he replied "I'm not a lover of sweets!" Now of course I want child-raising tips from said poncy step-mother.

Thunderpants Sat 27-Jan-07 21:19:49

I looked at our breakfast table this morning and saw.... organic milk, organic weetabix, no sugary cereals, granary bread, blueberries, organic blood oranges and innocent smoothies. And I thought... what a poncy family we've turned out!! My grandad would have laughed if he could see us. He lived on fags and rabbit brains on toast

gingermonkey Sat 27-Jan-07 20:01:20

Of course real fur, I didn't realise there was any other? And if we could only go on the hunt again (bloody socialist govt) dd would have fox blood smeared on her face each weekend!

I am joking, of course....................

jajas Sat 27-Jan-07 17:07:51

Oh no not real fur!

JustSometimes Sat 27-Jan-07 16:02:27

Make our own bread (has to be rye)
Tea: has to be green in the morning and Twinings in the afternoon - in a teapot, bien sur!
We will take the tea and homemade scones out to the 'chalet' in the acres of garden (It's a summerhouse, but please don't offend) ponce rating: 8/10
We do have a baby grand piano but only because the full size won't fit....... now am I fibbing?!! (about the piano? Oh yes!!)

chipmonkey Sat 27-Jan-07 15:56:41

I corrected my dsis's grammar and pronunciation so much when we were kids that she bought me "Eats, shoots and leaves" for Christmas one year.

aviatrix Sat 27-Jan-07 15:42:04

Message withdrawn

gingermonkey Sat 27-Jan-07 15:26:04

fizz, my dd is actually allergic to all wool except cashmere. If someone goes near her with anything knitted she looks in horror at them and says 'is it cashmere?, I can only wear cashmere!'. She is learning about pelts next, no rabbit fur for my little angel - it's mink all the way!!!!!

fizzbuzz Sat 27-Jan-07 14:03:59

I am allergic to all wool except cashmere. My body has overidden my conscious mind in it's desire to poncey

suzycreamcheese Sat 27-Jan-07 13:45:28

is having a panini press poncy?

got barked at by barman once as always say '& fresh orange' back in my tequila days...

squiffy Sat 27-Jan-07 09:05:44

My best friends son is 9. When offered fresh orange juice at a party, he asked if it was made from concentrated oranges, and politely declined when this was confirmed.

squiffy Sat 27-Jan-07 08:52:53

1) I make my daughters formula with Evian
2) I only eat english asparagus, and only in June
3) I don't give my husband Blow-jobs. I get my butler to do it.

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