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say somethign poncy about yourself - go on

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FluffyMummy123 Wed 24-Jan-07 13:47:16

Message withdrawn

NappiesGalore Sat 27-Jan-07 01:08:06

hello lisa!! long time no 'see'... are you well?

no, the giving away of pink horror was a heroic and necessary act... youll have to dig deeper for 'poncey'

BBWBabeLisa Fri 26-Jan-07 22:45:03

Struggling to think of anything poncy.
I gave a man-made fibre marketstall type baby jogging suit in hideous neon pink that we were given by step-mil for DD's birth to charity shop as would be too embarassed to ever put it on DD - even just for visit to said step-mil. Does that count?

mollymawk Fri 26-Jan-07 22:17:40

I can think of lots of things but am too scared to mention them in case they are not really poncey at all, thus revealing me for the utter pleb that I really am...

FrayedKnot Fri 26-Jan-07 22:15:55

I only use salon shampoo & condtioner and would never buy anything they sell in Boots

I take organic green tea & mint teabags to work instead of using the (free) instant tea & coffee provided

slug Fri 26-Jan-07 21:58:58

I make my tea in a pot.

The sluglet was weaned on asparagus and blue cheese.

I make my own soup and bread but most poncy of all....I make my own stock.

(should be worth a ponce factor of at least 3 or 4)

suzycreamcheese Fri 26-Jan-07 21:53:05

mrs spoon sounds more the good life than poncy roasting yer own!
my man makes great job of it, very skilled and no mess ....

swedishmum Fri 26-Jan-07 21:38:55

Am now panicky that CAMy may be close friend of SIL. Paranoia or what??

NappiesGalore Fri 26-Jan-07 20:44:50

oh this is fun .

ok, so we have a hottub in garden, which cancels out the atrium dining room, no?


we're buying a baby grand piano..... and none of us plays the piano. yet. ponce factor? 8/10
(well, dp can a bit...)

i am impressed with the green coffee bean thing - V poncy.

thedevil Fri 26-Jan-07 20:31:26

you will be coming my way on judgement day then Tirnanog

tirnanog Fri 26-Jan-07 20:27:35

I drive a'Gun Brake'

pointydog Fri 26-Jan-07 20:08:43

orange or butternut, www?

WideWebWitch Fri 26-Jan-07 20:07:43

I have Cath Kidston teatowels and apron, does that count?
buy quails eggs for dd, who loves them. she also loves avocado
Have never, ever bought squash

tirnanog Fri 26-Jan-07 20:05:40

Is it possible to be a poncey 'pinko'?

jajas Fri 26-Jan-07 19:51:28

I also think that hot tubs are common, sorry!

MeImAllSmiles Fri 26-Jan-07 18:22:00

NP, common, common, I'm the only one I know with one! I want it to be poncy not common!!!!

OrmIrian Fri 26-Jan-07 18:11:59

Archers - poncey! Oh bugger! What else shall I do on Sunday mornings....

Arfabrain Fri 26-Jan-07 18:11:51

should you all not be stepping into your freshly drawn baths and gracefully accepting cocktails from Ol' Carruthers or something right now????

tirnanog Fri 26-Jan-07 18:04:57

-even though I live in Ireland,which surely negates all'Ponceness'

tirnanog Fri 26-Jan-07 18:02:13

I listen to 'The Archers' on a vintage radio.

Booboobedoo Fri 26-Jan-07 17:59:15

I feel my ponciness is already well-established.

pointydog Fri 26-Jan-07 17:56:49

on Radio 1940 as dh calls it.

Big ponce factor.

pointydog Fri 26-Jan-07 17:56:08

listening to the archers? You ponce.

Booboobedoo Fri 26-Jan-07 17:49:26

They make me think of Matt and Lillian in The Archers.

Drinking Gin and Tonic Dahhhhling.

MrsSpoon Fri 26-Jan-07 17:47:49

I would still like one though, a hot tub that is.

tirnanog Fri 26-Jan-07 17:46:39


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