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My workplace is shite and i NEED TO RANT

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forcryinoutloud Thu 07-Jul-16 19:26:02

Wow I've just seen there's an introverts thread, will be going back to that later but for now I need to rant. Please excuse my French.

Basically work is shite, I have a fairly interesting part time job and there are plenty of nice people who I get on with. However the main problem is that the lower,middle and top managers are a bag of utter shite. Communication between them and the 'plebs' is terrible which leads to stress and confusion. I sometimes think a bunch of toddlers could run the place better and these people are being pain anything between 30 and 80K. It makes me want to weep.

My immediate line manager is a total fruitcake, and that's putting it mildly. She couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery. She constantly tells you to do things either verbally or by email then changes her mind or the goal posts or she does the job herself so you are never entirely sure whether you're supposed to be doing it or not. Last week she sent me a stroppy email asking me why I had not done job 'X'. I promptly sent a reply saying I had not been asked to do job 'X' (she normally does it and it is the sort of task someone else wouldn't just undertake without a discussion). HOWEVER she had asked me to take on job 'Y' which I did.And I did it perfectly well! Infact I spent a good half hour of my own time at home doing the ground work of this task as I knew that I wouldn't be able to concentrate in that --shit hole- office. On returning to work with my groundwork in hand ready to complete the task I found out that she had done it! I said 'why have you done this when you asked me to do it?' (FFS!) She couldn't give me a reasonable or intellingent answer, she had done it because she's a complete arse and it trying to send me crackers I think!
Add to that that it is a place/type of work that needs a lot of concentration and if the noise level goes up it is hard to do this. It seems fine for certain twats to talk constantly about non work issues at the tops of their voices and not a word is said to them. If some of us plebs did this, even for a minute, we are told to pipe down. It's utterly fucking ridiculous.
I want to hit them all with a shovel, hard, several times. What is prison food like? Ok that last sentence was a joke....sort of...

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