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Give me reasons to learn to drive!!

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fattyfattytoadgirl Tue 05-Jul-16 22:48:39

I am late 40s.
Never been the slightest bit interested in learning to drive. Spent my 20s and part of my 30s partying/hungover in London - car would have been useless to me.
Still not particularly interested but have been living rurally and now semi-rurally for past 10+ years.
I started learning to drive when I got with husband (he's a great teacher) years ago, but I let the lessons fizzle out because I couldn't sustain the interest.
Here I am again thinking I really should do it. Just in case I ever need to. Currently, I am driven wherever I need to go by husband and he has no problem whatsoever with that.
Part of me feels I should be taking a more independent stance because you never know when you'll need to drive.
Things have already changed since I last tried to learn. I have to learn in a small-engine car because of the insurance now. I was surprised by that. The test has changed too with hazard tests and all sorts.
I really should get on. I am not at all nervous on open road, but not looking forward to lessons in busy, built-up areas.
Just not excited enough by it to overcome the inertia. Why do the youngsters get so excited they want to do it the minute they leave school? My parents each had a car when I was a kid (living rurally 'twas a necessity) and I could have tried to learn then, just couldn't be bothered.
I have form for giving up all sorts of projects. I really want to just start learning and and see it through this time just to get it over with. I started again two months ago and haven't had any more lessons since.

fattyfattytoadgirl Tue 05-Jul-16 22:50:20

Have I got a deep subconscious fear about it?
Am I just a lazy so-and-so and would rather be dependent on husband?
I try to imagine scenarios where I will be sorry I didn't learn - sick pet, husband not here at the time, urgent need to get to vets, etc.

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