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Furious that my car was damaged

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aspoonfulofyourownmedicine Wed 29-Jun-16 21:19:42

I'm not sure where to post, but I just want a rant!

My car was damaged recently in a supermarket car park by a woman opening her car door onto my car - whilst I was sitting in the car, I'd just pulled in seconds before her and hadn't even switched my engine off (she'd even tried to park beside me whilst I was still moving!!). She caused a 3 inch gouge in the paintwork of my car and scared the life out of my son as the bang was very audible through the car.

I checked my son was ok and went to get out of the car to speak to her to find she had vanished towards the store. I had noticed, as had my son, that this woman was wearing the uniform of the store so was clearly associated with this supermarket.

I took photographs of the damage, reg plates, position of cars and asked the store for help in tracing this driver - which they have been more than helpful doing so. After a fortnight, she still hasn't come forward, so I informed the police with the intention of making a civil claim against this woman - moreso for the £45 worth of damage she's caused to my car.

The police won't do anything unfortunately as it's classed as 'accidental' rather than 'malicious/criminal/with intent', however I feel like she's made me out to be a liar as she's asked the police to check her car for 'paint damage' - which according to the police, isn't any on her car and she's basically denying it - that's because the damage from her rust bucket is down the nice shiny paint on my car! Supermarket has CCTV and offered to help police in every way they can, however police are saying they won't pursue it as there's nothing further they can do and have advised me to go through my insurance for them to trace the insurers of her car and pay for the damage that way.

I'm fearful of doing this though as it's no doubt still going to cost me. DH thinks I should just swallow my pride and annoyance and just have the gouge taken out of my car and pay for it otherwise it'll go on my insurance I've made a claim against someone else or I'll have to drag it through a small claims court, which could end up costing me ££££'s.

I'm just absolutely furious that a) someone damaged my car and scared my son without as much as a glance to see if he was alright, b) Said person refused to come forward to her employers when they put out an internal comms asking for owner of car xxxx to come forward and c) has denied causing any damage to my car at all to the police, meaning someone less than honest is working in my local supermarket.

Had she been honest enough to say, 'I'm sorry I've caught your car accidentally, there's a mark and I'm sorry if I scared your son' I may be a bit more forgiving and a bit less furious! or even if she'd said to the police that she hadn't realised at the time........

Sorry I'm sure it's not the place on here, but I'm so annoyed that I'm left to fork out for damage that's not my fault on a car I paid for with my own hard earned cash (and was quite proud of it's scratchless state, until now)

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