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help been suspected of benifit fraud what happens??

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Sarahlouiise27 Fri 24-Jun-16 23:19:34

hi all

I'm a little worried I got a letter to attend an interview.. basically I know who's dobbed me in and its all through jealousy!.. so I have 2 girls aged 5 and 20 months both to the same guy we split when i found out i was pregnant with my second bk in jan 2014 my 5year old knows who her dad is were as my 20 month old doesn't because he's one of them dad's that sees the kids once in a blue moon back in January of this year we got talking about he kids and he told me he wanted to see the girls more often ext so I let him for the sake of my girls now the tricky bit he lives in Bradford which is a 2 hour journey from year I live he also in on benefits so couldn't afford the train fair every week to see the girls ( the agreement was I won't him to be around so I no my youngest is comfortable with him for me to let her down to Bradford.) so I told him to come up to mine stay at mine for few nights and go no home then do the same 2 weeks after now he stayed about 5 nights.. my jelous ex ovs found out about this and assumed we was living with each other!! I'm really scared now I've already been to the iuc what happens now will I get my benifit stopped im so scared cas already I'm in debt up to my eye balls I have my daughter's b-day in a few weeks etc I'm stressing myself out its all I'm thinking about money is already my biggest worry and if my money gets stopped whilst it gets investigates will just add more stress to my lifesad

notamummy10 Sat 25-Jun-16 00:14:36

According to the website, your benefits may be stopped whilst they investigate but you'll receive a letter telling you what's happening! is it 5 nights at a time or 5 nights in total?

Pocketrocket31 Sat 25-Jun-16 00:26:33

I'm pretty sure the rules are "3 or more nights a week staying over is classed as living there (as a couple) so would class as benefit fraud, I'm sure when you go to the interview you can show them tx messages, emails and stuff to prove its a temporary thing for the sake of your children though :/

user1466806302 Sat 25-Jun-16 00:30:27

Yes, if someone stays three nights or more a week then you are classed as living together.

Wombat45 Sat 25-Jun-16 00:50:51

No, that's a myth, there's no rule about the number of nights a week anyone can stay. What's relevant is whether you are living together as husband and wife, in the same household. (If a couple have split and are not in a 'couple' relationship any more, they can be classed as single even if they are living under the same roof.)

Your case should be clear cut if he has another home elsewhere and only stayed with you for a few days to bond with the children. Provide evidence of his main home (bills etc showing his name and address).

Sarahlouiise27 Sat 25-Jun-16 11:09:48

I told the lady that interviewed me that because he lives so far away that's the reason why he stayed with me for my kids sake for bonding.. she looked him on her comp and said he is registered in Bradford so if it was up to her she wouldn't take it any further I've just read so many story's that ppls money have been stopped for a period amount of time and is worrying the he'll out of me sad he stayed around 5 nights go home for a week or 2 and come bk to stay 4/5 nights.. he never helped me pay bill's I did how ever feed him tho times he stayed so I don't no if that's breaking the law? (I have read some were it is:/) I honestly thought you'd only declare if they actually move into the house and pay half the bill's ext I didn't think that staying for 5 nights to bond with my kids would be such a problem and now because of this I could face a fine sadsad

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