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trainee life coach? Brighton area? for my sister

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RainbowBear Thu 18-Jan-07 16:40:21

help musmnetters. I have a younger sister who has just moved to Brighton. She is fairly over weight and desperately wants to lose weight and gain confidence and control over her life. She is earning a pittance in a training position, living away from home for the first time (she is still a teen). Anyway, I have encouraged her in the past with no success. I know that weight loss is a very hard thing and that family support isn't always hepful or useful. I would love to find her a life coach in Brighton to help her on her way. But I need to find someone who is trainign or costs very little - ideally someone who could use her in a case study as part of their training. It would be a very interesting case I am sure! She desperately needs a mentor (she is an incredibly beautiful girl so it is very frustrating for her watching her skinny friends get boyfriends and have a much easier social life that she does. She is in a downward spiral and I would love to help her but sense that getting her help elsewhere would probably work best.
any ideas, anyone?? I will also post this on a weight thread if I can find one...

redshoes Thu 18-Jan-07 19:54:38

Don't know any life coaches but I live in Brighton if I can be of help in any other way?

jofeb04 Thu 18-Jan-07 20:56:33

I have done life coaching, and alot of the work is over the phone. CAT me if your interested.

2shoes Thu 18-Jan-07 21:12:26

(redshoes never knew there was another "shoes" in brighton)

RainbowBear Fri 19-Jan-07 08:04:01

jofeb04 - thanks will cat you after school run. redshoes - you don't know any very cheap personal trainers do you?! any ideas from locals very welcome.

CheeryGarcia Fri 19-Jan-07 08:38:53

Hiya, I'm in Brighton and work using coaching and other approaches to personal development. I also work specifically with teens (I've a thread in small ads about a 'teen' course I'm involved with, though it's not cheap - generally parents pay!).

e-mail: sam at alembis dot co dot uk

I'm out most of today but will get back to you later.

RainbowBear Fri 19-Jan-07 11:49:08

my parents are not in a position to pay anymore. i need to find an outlet where she gets free help and therefore probably needs to be someone who is currently training..

CheeryGarcia Fri 19-Jan-07 18:05:45

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that I thought your parents should pay! I just wanted to point you at the sort of thing I do, so that you could decide for yourself if it would be the kind of thing that might be useful for your sister, given that it's not strictly 'life coaching'.

I usually have a couple of non-paying clients and happen to have some slots coming free after the end of the month. Mail me if you're interested.

RainbowBear Mon 22-Jan-07 08:09:38

thank you . will CAT you.

jeannie8 Sun 19-Jul-09 18:11:51


I think we could all do with a Life Coach in our wardrobe!!Not sure if I am allowed to say this so please someone tell me if I'm not! If anyone is interested I am running a 3 day intensive course in Life Coaching in Guildford in September I am happy to offer Mumsnet members 50% off.

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