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Dreaming about Pets/dead relatives

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Aquamarine70 Thu 09-Jun-16 14:00:25

Not sure if I'm posting in the right place.
Does anyone know if you have a vivid dream of a dead family member or pet if it means they are there to comfort you? I was in a car crash yesterday. I'm ok & it wasn't my fault. I was a bit shaken yesterday & my daughter was in the car. Last night my cat that died 3 years ago that I miss so much came to me in a dream. It was so clear that I woke up with goosebumps. I have also seen my husband's aunt that died last year. In my dream I was watching her funeral & she just got up & walked away & smiled at me as the funeral was happening but I was the only one that could see her. I have also seen my nan & grandad in dreams too that have been around times of stress. Could it be them trying to comfort me?

Janey50 Wed 29-Jun-16 20:07:18

*Aquamarine 70*- First of all,sorry to hear about your accident,and glad that you are OK. I can't really offer you any advice on your question. But what I will say is this; I regularly dream about deceased pets and relatives. My dad died over 30 years ago but I have dreams that he is alive and well,about once every couple of months. Same with my DM. She died nearly 5 years ago and I dream about her on a weekly basis. Again,she is always alive and well in these dreams. As for pets,my dreams are full of pets I have loved and lost over the years,even more so than the people in my day to day life! I don't honestly know what this all means,but what I DO know is that it comforts and upsets me in equal measure. The dreams seem so real that I have sometimes woken up crying.

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