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Any of you play two balls up a wall?

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Enchanted Fri 17-May-02 21:21:44

I used to love playing two balls against the wall. I can remember being at school and there being a long line of about 30 girls playing two balls against the sports hall wall, what fun!
Today I was showing a couple of little girls who live in my building how to play and they were amazed, they loved it! I was trying to remember some of the songs and rhymes that went with it. The one I can remember go's like this....Plainy Walls ice cream, over Walls ice cream, uppsy Walls ice cream and so on. I am sure these games are regional (maybe not).I am from Merseyside. Does anyone remember any other songs to play two balls to. I felt a bit sad today that this dear old game seems to have died out. Lol, all the Mum's came out and to the suprise of the kids, they could all play two balls!

maryz Fri 17-May-02 21:44:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ems Sat 18-May-02 09:47:58

Maryz I remeber the 7 throws, 7 bounces etc, my sister and I would do it ALL THE TIME at home, and then every break at school.

My parents got us some foam balls to do it against the big wardrobe doors in our room.

ELC do a pack of 3 tennis sized softish balls for about a £1 I think, they are brilliant, my two use them loads, as they're soft I dont mind them inside either!

janh Sat 18-May-02 20:57:27

We used to do one that included "under you go" (bounce ball under knee), "touch your toe, round and round" - those being actions you did between throws - there was a LOT more but I can't remember any of it...

(This was 40 years ago and I was crap at it anyway! )

Joe1 Sun 19-May-02 17:14:24

I too used to love two balls, cant remember any of the songs though, but will have to have another go. I used to have a tennis ball in one leg of a tight and you used to put your back to the wall and bounce it all around you.

Bron Sun 19-May-02 17:45:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Art Sun 19-May-02 18:27:17


I used to play that game with a ball in a sock all the time with my next door neighbour - Id forgotten about it completely!
I've just started teaching my 5yos some of these games in PE so they can play them at playtimes as they seem to have died out. They love them.

Enchanted - what is twoball maybe I could teach them that too?

We used to play elastics too - a bit like skipping using a loop of elastic.

Bron Mon 20-May-02 11:04:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Enchanted Thu 23-May-02 22:55:34

Art, it is very difficult to discribe without seeing it. You kind off juggle against the wall, ooo1 it's not very easy to explain but I do so want you to teach your 5 year olds. It's fantastic fun and great excersise and it's done out doors. If you really want to learn I will send you a video demo.

Art Sun 26-May-02 18:25:49


That would be brilliant if you wouldn't mind the hassle. How can I give you my details?

Smartee Thu 10-May-07 21:12:06

I was telling my 6 year old about playing two balls only today but struggled to remember the songs. Once I logged on here I was reminded of... plainy Walls ice, cream, over Walls ice cream, etc. and also "Matthew Mark Luke and John next door neighbour carry on, next door neighbour's got the flu so now i pass these balls to you..." where your friend would take over. We used to play for hours.

Not sure about French elastic???

pickledpear Thu 10-May-07 21:19:49

is two balls where you juggle two balls instead of in the air you do it against wall???

i used to use my mums tights cut into single legs like pop socks put tennis ball at bottom and hit the wall under your legs.

hopscotch used to be chalked all over our pavements too.

Also we had a hoop around the ankle and a rope and ball attached we used to spin it with one leg and jump the ball with the other leg..does that make

HunieBuniesBack Thu 10-May-07 21:20:19

We played two balls against the wall. Does anyone remember the rhyme:

"Plainsy Jim swollowed a pin that's the end of plainsy Jim."

Then you had overs Jim, etc

Am I making any sense? Does anyone remember?

Kbear Thu 10-May-07 21:24:21

I used to play two balls all the time too but I can't remember a single song. Our house was pebble-dashed which annoyed me no end because the balls bounced all over the place. I longed for a bit of plain brickwork .

Pollyanna Thu 10-May-07 21:31:16

Is this a northern thing? My mum used to try to teach me about 2 balls (she is from Lancashire). Also the ball in the tights gme.

Whizzz Thu 10-May-07 21:33:48

WHen I was one I ate a scone going out to sea
I jumped on board a cannibal ship and the captain said to me
Going Under, going over, stand to attention like a soldier in the RAF

When I was two I buckled my shoe etc etc

ThisTime Thu 10-May-07 21:34:41

Ww used to play two-y ball to this song:

Went to Morecombe for the day
Lost the ticket on the way
Conducter said I had to pay
For riding on his railway

Then play kirby after!

Lolly68 Fri 11-May-07 09:29:03

I use to love two balls although my parents hated it on a Sunday morn when I use to play in the garden up against the wall! One of the songs I remember is:

Please keep off the grass sir
to let the lady pass sir
you know the rules in all the schools
so please keep off the grass sir.

Dont know what the hell it means!!

Also I do remember french elastic... it was called French skipping!!

Oh to be young again...

jambuttie Fri 11-May-07 10:04:12

I loved this game too

can;t remember the songs to go with them though .

Remember playing elastics too

moraira Sat 12-Mar-11 16:42:47

I know nothing has been posted about this subject for awhile. I recently went to spain and some Spanish girls where playing chinese ropes on the beach. elastice bands joined together put around the ankles of two people and the others jumped in between. I had totally forgot about playing it when I was a child. Which lead me to thinking of other games I played

ie Two balls, footsy (hoop around your ankle with a ball attached the tight with the ball in it against the wall and kirby throwing a ball at the opposite kirb. Also k knockers two hard balls attached to stings (I think they were banned in the end as wrists were being broken).

Thinking of these lead me to this website as I want to teach my little girl two balls but couldn't remember the songs. It has been such a trip down memory lane reading all these postings and really made me laugh and smile Thank you

ChrissyHynde Sat 12-Mar-11 16:50:33


Think thats what I'm thinking about. Got the tune in my head but cant remember any words except ".....and start again"

Long time ago for me as well!!

frankenonsense Sat 12-Mar-11 17:25:59

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, let your neighbour carry on...

Plainy, clappy, Rolls-a-pin, a backy....

Rochey41 Mon 31-Oct-11 16:23:05

There were quite a few, the only one I remember all the way through is Winnie the Witch fell down the ditch ha, ha, ha, she found a penny and thought she was rich ha, ha, ha. Hope that the way I do think it's only a regional thing cos' I'm from Liverpool and my mother in law has never heard of it, she's from London, neither has her daughter, they thought I was being rude when I asked "did you ever played two balls". You can imagine their faces, It was only my sencond or third visit to their house too. x

Rochey41 Mon 31-Oct-11 16:29:21

plainy, over, upsy, dropsy, bouncy,leggy, other,splitzy, backy and then without stopping go backwards backy again and so on......

Rochey41 Mon 31-Oct-11 16:34:31

I also remember getting elastic bands from the postman as many as you could get tieing them together two people would stand inside them stretching it out and you would jump somehow in and out.... two four six eight Mary's at the garden gate eating cherries off a plate two four six eight

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