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Newlook customer service

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Lyneast Tue 10-May-16 17:08:20

On the 19th of March, I bought two pair of boots at the New Look Store in Welwyn Garden City. A couple of weeks later, the leather on one of the boots started coming off. I was very disappointed, so I took it back to the store today.

When I walked in, there was no one at the till. I noticed two staff talking at the back of the store, they saw me waiting at the till but did not come to me until I called them.

The Sales Assistant looked at the boots and told me she can't take them back then the store manager, Chloe interrupted and said that she can offer me a gift card or exchange. I told her I have only had them for less than two months and I would rather have my money back.

Chloe asked me for the receipt. I told her I did not keep it because I did not have the intention of returning the boots. She asked me what date I bought it, the till I was served on and the amount I paid. I gave her all the information she needed in order to find the transaction details.

Chloe told me that their were 200 transactions on the till and they did not sell any boot. I was very shocked because it was obvious that she was reluctant to look properly and she did not believe what I was saying.

I rang my sister in law because I went out with her after buying the boots that day. My sister in law checked her diary and confirmed that it was definitely the 19th of March. Chloe went to a different computer and came back with the details of the transaction also showing my card details.

She told me that the code on the receipt she printed is different from the code on the faulty boots. I told her it could be because her colleague keyed in the wrong code. She said it was not possible for her colleague to key in the wrong code and she does not believe that I bought the faulty boots on that day.

She spoke to me in a very rude way and insisted that she won't give me my money back. I told her I'm not going home with the faulty boots because I can't wear them. She said she will put them in the recycling bin and I won't get my money back. I told her that I was going to take this matter further. She bluntly said that she does not care if I rang the Head Office.

I asked her for her name and she refused to give it to me but she said she is the Store Manager and there is only one manager in the store.

I decided to exchange the faulty boots for a new pair ( same type) because I knew that I was going to find her name at the bottom of the receipt.

I shop with you a lot and no one as ever spoken to me in that manner or even called me a liar. I was made to feel humiliated for returning a faulty pair of boots that I bought from you and you still won't give me my money back.

When I got home, I remembered that I left the faulty boot stickers in my car the day I bought them and luckily, I was able to find them.

I compared the bar code on the old stickers with the bar code on the replacement boots and the receipt that Chloe printed out as my receipt from the first transaction. I realised that the codes were the same, meaning that there was enough evidence for Chloe to see that I returned the right boots and I could have gotten my money back.

I looked at the receipt that Chloe gave me today and noticed that she entered the wrong code on the system meaning that if the replacement boots became faulty, I would not be able to exchange them with the receipt she gave me.

I went back to the store and spoke to Chloe about the mistake she made and also talked about the fact the there was enough information to proof that the bar code on the replacement boots was the barcode on receipt for the faulty boots ( because I exchanged for the same pair of boots).

Chloe admitted making a mistake but refused to fix it or even offer an apology. She told me that she won't correct her mistake because I did not give her the chance to talk.

I asked why she called me a liar when in actual fact, she was looking at the wrong code. She told me that she did not have the information for the correct code, so she made an assumption. The truth is that she did have the correct information but she refused to look at it and I would really like to know why.

All I went back for was to ask her to fix the mistake and the first thing I would have expected was an apology but instead, she was very rude and worse of all, she refused to correct the mistake.

When I left the store, I realised that I nolonger have the receipt for the replacement boots, so I went back the third time and asked Chloe for it. She insisted that she did not have it.

I've been a loyal customer for over 10yrs and after this experience especially from a Store Manager, I'm never going to shop with Newlook AGAIN!!!!! An apology won't make me forget this experience.

MaybeLater4 Tue 10-May-16 17:22:12

I feel you're making a fuss over a very small issue, life is too short, move on and forget about it, you got the replacement boots so it's all fine

Peppaismyhomegirl Tue 10-May-16 17:26:25

get over it.

AndNowItsSeven Tue 10-May-16 17:29:49

Wow , poor Chloe, I can see why she said you didn't give her chance to talk.

GoofyIsACow Tue 10-May-16 17:31:54

Wow, I admit it doesn't sound great but honestly, if that is the worst customer service you have ever experienced you have done well!

I can see it wound you up but it is really quite minor through the eyes of an outsider

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