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anyone had any experience of Penzer?

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fairymuff Wed 27-Apr-16 18:54:31

Im trying to get a response from them but they refuse to return my phone calls, emails and messages via FB and eBay.

I bought two door knobs off them last summer - 2 weeks after buying them, one of them broke and shattered in my hand, locking my then 3 year old on the other side of the door in the kitchen. A neighbour had to help me force the door open with a crowbar. My daughter was very distressed and it cost me money to fix the splintered door. All I requested was a refund ( £34.99 each - I removed the other door knob too as I didn't want the same thing to happen again to the other door)

They initially responded but fobbed me off saying they needed to talk to the manufacturer. I chased them a week later but since then they have not returned any calls.

I have subsequently contacted the manufacturer who have had no luck with getting a response from them either. I don't think I can pursue them as my transaction was with Penzer.

I contacted them via eBay ( which was not where I had purchased the knobs ) to see if they would respond to a product request (ie. They wouldn't know my identity) and they did. When I emailed them back, they again have not responded.

What rights do I have to pursue getting my money back? Ok, so it's not a massive fortune I've lost but it's a decent amount and it's more the principle of the matter.

I know they're based in Carbis Bay nr St Ives.

Anyone got any advice?

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